Reliable companys ???

  Gamble75 19:49 29 Oct 2007

Iam looking to purchase a desktop and i would like to know some really reliable and trustworthy websites or stores. I have heard of Cougar and Novatech but are these good places ?

-sorry if i sound stupid, thats why i posted in the beginners section

  bluto1 20:46 29 Oct 2007

It is not a stupid post, it's perfectly good, because, although I'm waiting until early next year, I'd like to know the answers too. I've heard of Novatech but thats all. I'll wait with you if you don't mind.
Fancy a glass of red while we're waiting?
Never worry about questions you ask here, we all had to find out somehow.

  bluto1 20:50 29 Oct 2007

Have you had a look through the posts on Consumerwatch? You'll get loads of info there.

  Acx 22:52 29 Oct 2007

As bluto1 says just search the forums, both Novatech and Cougar-Extreme seem to have very good feedback.

Novatech, I have bought smaller items from them - always been reliable and I know others on here think highly of them.

Cougar-extreme, I have helped/know two friends who have bought from them and they were very happy, its were my next PC will be coming from.

In my opinion
Novatech seems best if you want a good all round PC.
Cougar-Extreme if you want a good gaming PC.

  Acx 22:56 29 Oct 2007

Oops: Pardon my spelling - were/where

  wee eddie 11:56 30 Oct 2007

Everyone would have said that Evesham was copper-bottomed, their PCs were excellent and their After-sales Service was said to be the best in the country.

Whoever you buy from, pay by Credit Card, if you can, and read the terms of the Warranty carefully.

  stylehurst 13:55 30 Oct 2007

I would recommend Novatech, they have been around for 20 years, & I have used them for the last 12 years.
They are not the cheapest on the block but they are probably the most reliable.

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