Relettering Drives

  Willow12 18:34 03 Jun 2003

Can anybody tell me how to allocate new letters to my DVD drive D and my CD-Writer drive E. I want to move then both up the alphabet due to partitioning my Hard Drive. How is this done?


  soy 18:42 03 Jun 2003

Right-Click My Computer and select 'Manage'.

You should see the 'Computer Management' window appear.

On the left hand pane, select 'Disk Management' and all your disk drives including your CD-Rom drives should appear in the right pane.

Right-click the drive you want to change and select 'Change Drive letters and Paths...'. A new window will appear and select 'Change' to change the drive letter.

Hope this helps,


  Willow12 18:50 03 Jun 2003

Have tried this, it suggests that if I change letters some programs may not work. Is this a realistic possibility or am I O.K. to change it?

I use XP.

  soy 18:56 03 Jun 2003

Your ok as long as its your CD-ROM devices.

Basically, the warning is just a precaution in case someone changes their C: drive or drives that have programs installed.

  jimv7 18:57 03 Jun 2003

If you have loaded ms office via 'd' drive and then change the drive letter, it will not find the disk for any repairs to office. You have to change registry settings for this.

However if you have just installed the drive then ignore the warning.

I have just changed the drive letter of my new writer from 'd' to 'w', works great.

  Willow12 20:03 03 Jun 2003

Thanks jimv7 and soy. Now have DVD Drive as V and Rewriter as W. :o)

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