??Rejected mail with 'my' domain name on

  paulloseby 19:04 18 Oct 2006

I am regularly getting e-mails 'rejected' that have never been sent by me but have my domain name on as though it had come from me. The name before the domain name is always incorrect. Is there anything I can do to stop this please?

I use F-Secure Internet Security and this is right up to date.

Any advice would be appreciated



  Jackcoms 19:11 18 Oct 2006

It's effectively spam.

Have a look around the Forum - there have been several threads with this same theme recently.

It's annoying but "you are not alone".

Use click here to filter out spam.

  ian-inhome 20:46 18 Oct 2006

Hi I have a similar problem. I complained to Orange but they only directed me to a tracking web page see my posting click here

  Jackcoms 20:56 18 Oct 2006

My reply of today at 19:11 still applies.

There's nothing you can do about it with your existing e-mail address.

It's now been 'harvested' by spammers and you're stuck with that (as are a lot of us).

The only long-term solution is to change your e-mail address (with all the buggeration which that entails) and then use it very sparingly - do not, for instance, sign up to lots of different e-mail newsletters at a myriad of different websites.

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