Rejected email returned

  immer 11:08 24 Sep 2010

Some of my email has started to be rejected with the message
"Your message was rejected by for the following reason:
Message not allowed - [320]"

What's going on? I never had this before....
Any ideas please. My email is POP3 in & SMTP outbound, and a medium speed broardband connection of some long time now so no changes there. This problem happened since last week upto now

  lotvic 11:40 24 Sep 2010

Check the clock time on your pc.
You usually get this error if your clock is fast - set in the future - like tomorrow's date or next month's or next year etc....

  lotvic 11:43 24 Sep 2010

ps: make sure your pc is in the right timezone
UK and GMT (greenwich mean time)

  immer 16:11 24 Sep 2010

Good advice. On checking the date was 2 October.....but how it came to that is a mystory!
After all its not a thing one fiddles with is it!

  lotvic 16:52 24 Sep 2010

Hopefully that's fixed email prob :)

  immer 17:40 24 Sep 2010

many thanks !

  lotvic 18:07 24 Sep 2010

Hi, to get the 'green tick' you have to check the box and then click on the word 'Resolved' :)

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