Reinstalling XP Pro 1st time Questions

  Major Disaster 10:27 25 Jul 2005

I needs to reinstall XP Pro on a Dell Laptop, becuase i get various random errors that a repair install didnt fix and ive read that you should backup all your data. The Laptop is on a network and has an accounting/stock control porgramme on it that i would like to keep. Can i backup all of the network settings/configuration and if i just copy all of the files for the porgramme in Programme files onto a disk and then rip it back onto the pc once i have reinstalled xp, will it work?
Also, what if i backup all the data and end up just copying over the errors and then loading them back on?
Please, any help/advice is much appreciated

  Danoh 10:50 25 Jul 2005

You will need to reinstall your accounting/stock control program ~ u can't just copy all the relevant folders with program executable files, etc.

I presume this program is not installed from the network's server?

  Major Disaster 10:51 25 Jul 2005

No i dont think so.
Thanks for that response it should be ok as we have all the install disks, now what about the network settings/configuration?

  Danoh 10:57 25 Jul 2005

Is it a home or work network that you are refering to? If its the later you really ought to get your network guys involved. Not only are there several types of networking protocols but the network settings can be made in different ways and locations on the client side.

  Major Disaster 11:04 25 Jul 2005

Its a work one

  Danoh 12:10 25 Jul 2005

An XP Pro laptop configured to work with a work network is quite a different consideration to a home machine. I assume you already know about client-server architectures which gives you an idea of what types of different settings are needed for both your standard MS Office application programs as well as your accounting/stock control program. But then again, they might not be Client Server but are configured to use Citrix, or Terminal Services, or pure HTML/XML web services. Etc., etc.

I presume you do have work IT support provided?

  Major Disaster 12:11 25 Jul 2005

Yes, we do but its rather expensive and i was just wondering if this cost could be avoided

  Danoh 17:07 25 Jul 2005

Going by your questions, I would strongly recommend the best way for you to avoid even more costs is not to attempt to reinstall, uninstall or generally experiment with your networked systems.

A standalone home PC setup has enough complexities to master, after which you can extend to home-networked PCs and the different types of network configurations which can be applied, and the corresponding changes required in the application programs which designed to operate across a network in specific configurations. Then you can move on to commercial networks and your work specific environment and applications in particular.

At the end of which you would feel grossly under paid for the amount of knowledge and experience you need to have gained, in order to administer such changes without causing a Major Disaster (sorry for the pun! :-).

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