Reinstalling XP how do I create a bootable cd?

  andy625 12:14 08 Mar 2008

My pc needs XP reinstalled. I backed up my XP cd to an external hard drive, and unfortunately following a house move, I have misplaced the cd.

I burnt the files to a cd, but when I reboot the machine with the cd in the drive, it just boots to a dos a: prompt.

What do I need to do to get the cd to boot into the windows intallation screen?

  howard64 12:22 08 Mar 2008

you type at the a prompt cd d: [return or enter] then possibly install. Assuming that the cd drive is d if not use the drive letter for the cd drive. You may not have an install on your cd so you may have to type dir /p [enter] to display the files on the cd.

  andy625 12:32 08 Mar 2008

I think the a: drive is the cd drive, because when I type dir at the a: prompt, it lists all the files on the cd. Tried typing setup but nothing happens.

  howard64 12:35 08 Mar 2008

sounds like you do not have a floppy drive? So if you can read the cd you may have to change the directory to find the install file. To change to another directory type cd then a space and the name of the directory then enter.

  andy625 13:24 08 Mar 2008

Its a laptop, so you have to take the cd drive out to put the floppy drive in. here is an instal.ini file in the i386 directory. Do I have to point it to that?

  howard64 15:24 08 Mar 2008

probably but cannot remember and my disk is at my other place.

  howard64 15:32 08 Mar 2008

just found my xp cd - setup.exe is on the first screen.

  andy625 16:50 08 Mar 2008

I tried typing setup, but it wouldn't run.

Never mind, I decided to go and buy another copy, as I need to get it running by the end of the day.

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