ReInstalling xp home Again

  Demora 09:57 04 Feb 2005


I have managed to get rid of everything on the main 'C' drive and have an empty disk at last. BUT when I try to install windows XP Home it wants to go and put itself on drive H

I have 2 hard drives used to be labeled drive c and drive f. the dvd rom was 'd' and rewriter drive was 'E' now thats what I want again.

How do I get windows to install there from a totally brand new install.


  dazza39 10:09 04 Feb 2005

I would run with the H for now till you have done installation,then go into Admin Menu,Computer Management/Storage,you should then be able to change the Drive letter,i only found this out the other day on this Forum so it helped me as my slave drive is D but it changed to G on install so i changed it.

  ventanas 10:39 04 Feb 2005

If it installs to H there it will remain, you cannot relabel the system volume without a heck of a lot of work, and then its very risky. Of course all other drive letters can be easily changed about.

Demora, hello again. You could try disconnecting the slave hard drive (just pull out the cables) and then see if the installation loses its confusion and defaults to C. Also do you have any removeable drives connected, or card readers plugged in? If so remove them.

  ventanas 11:02 04 Feb 2005

I've been giving this some more thought. Demora I'm a little confused as to how you came to be in this situation. After booting from the XP disc, and after the files were loaded, you would have been given some options. You should then press Enter to set up XP, then F8 for the licence agreement, then Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows. You then press D to delete the partition, which should have come up as C, then Return to confirm, and L to actually delete the C partition. You then press C to create an new partition, which should automatically come as the the only unpartitioned space, which should be C. You then go through the process of choosing the partition size and file system. The drive will be formatted and Windows will install without any other input.

Do you have any other unpartitioned or unformatted space on either of your drives that could be being picked up by the setup process, and also are you certain that the partition you deleted was in fact C?

  dazza39 11:10 04 Feb 2005

Ventanas,i had same pro when i did repair,my slave drive D changed to G???,and it hasn't done that before.Hence why i changed it back without any trouble.

  Bandy 11:12 04 Feb 2005

I had a similar experience the other day when although windows told me I was installing to C, on a new drive, it finished up as G

I wiped the drive, took off the connections to the built in card reader and re-installed. This put windows on C

I the re-connected the reader and obtained the removable drives OK

Might be worth try for you

  ventanas 11:22 04 Feb 2005

The letters of slave and optical drives can be changed with ease in Disc Management, but if you try changing the system volume (usually C) you will meet a brick wall. As I said earlier it can be done, but is very tricky. If you want to know how click here Says its for Win2k, but the steps are the same for XP.

I see Bandy solved his problem by disconnecting "removeable drives", might not be the cause here, but worth a look. I could have sworn I mentioned this point earlier, but must have forgot.

  dazza39 11:26 04 Feb 2005

Cheers for the link ventanas,might come in useful one day.

  Demora 11:34 04 Feb 2005

Ok . I'll give you a brief layout (BTW I have disconnected the card reader NOW)

IDE1 Master 20gb Slave DVD Rom
IDE2 Matser DVDRW Not sure hat the slave is here because I have RAID on there and when I had an 80gb hdd put in I asked for it to be installed to the RAID controller BUT my motherboard hadn't updated the driver (Then) Never checked back at the Abit site. Because I was supposed to be buying a new barebones system, BUT bought new laptop intead. (as daughter ran off to UNI with old one)

The c drive was so cluttered after 4 years that it needed wiping Not just a reinstall. BUT I had to remove sp2 before I could even start.

Confused? I am now. LOL

  Demora 12:37 04 Feb 2005

Oooops goot that bit wrong.

IDE1 Master 20gb hdd slave 80gb hdd

IDE2 Master is dvdrw slave dvdrom

Its now copying to drive f which is he 20gb drive. Seems I'm stuck with this. I did disconnect the 80gb drive but had a problem

Nothing seems to be connected to the RAID IDEs

  ventanas 12:54 04 Feb 2005

Can you ouline the problem, and from my post above, did you delete the C partition and then recreate it? Also do you need the RAID controller, can it be removed?

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