Reinstalling XP File Needed But Cusor Won't Move.

  EmilyM4 12:50 15 Sep 2007

I'm reinstalling Windows XP Home but it gets so far and I get,


The file 'VIAAGP1.SYS' on VIA AGP filter driver disk is needed.

Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.

but my cusor and keyboard won't work to allow me to do anything.

I think the file is on the motherboard driver disk but I have no way of selecting it without my mouse functioning.

I've been a member on here for years but I'm having to use my mum's PC to solve this, thanks in advance DavidM4.

  brundle 13:28 15 Sep 2007

If you are using USB keyboard/mouse and are able to access the BIOS, enable all USB support options (usually there USB Keyboard and USB DOS/Legacy option(s) available). Otherwise get a PS2 keyboard (don't need a mouse for installation, just tab between input boxes). Secondly that file is not on the XP Home CD I have so you're are most likely right in thinking its on the driver disk. Google suggest the Via4in1 driver is most likely.

  woodchip 13:36 15 Sep 2007

its looking for via usb drivers, use ps2 keyboard and mouse untill you get windows loaded. do not plug them in while the computer is switch on or you will blow the motherboard. yiu should only plug usb in while it is switched on

  AndySD 13:47 15 Sep 2007

Is this a repair install or a normal install if the latter then format the disk before you install XP

  EmilyM4 19:16 18 Sep 2007

sorry it's been so long getting back, I've tried the USB support options to no avail.

Sorry to sound thick but how do I format the disk? Do I remove it and set it up as a slave on another system? Or is there a simpler way?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 18 Sep 2007

Boot from the XP CD follow the setup prompts and select delete all partions and format the disc in the setup menus, then carry on with the XP install.

  DavidM4 18:59 19 Sep 2007

Cracked it! The format did the trick, thanks fellas (and Mum for the use of your PC) I'll log back in as you and mark as resolved. Thanks again David

  EmilyM4 23:07 19 Sep 2007

done, cheers DM4

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