Reinstalling XP

  dobber 1 12:23 28 Jan 2009

My first computer had XP preinstalled, I recently decided to completely wipe the hard disc and start again. I wanted to get rid of all the clutter and use it as a second computer, as I prefer XP to Vista. The problem is that I need to reinstall XP, but need a way to do this. Do I need a CD Rom? if so how much are they, and where do I get one from? Or is there another way of installing it (would Microsoft help?)


  ventanas 12:37 28 Jan 2009

Didn't you get a CD when you bought it, or some other method such as ascessing a separate partiton on you HDD where the instalation files are stored. Check the documentation that came with your machine.
Without either of these methods there is no way unless you purchase a retail (NOT OEM) copy.
You will also need drivers for your video, sound, chipset, and anything else that may have come with it.
Really you should have thought about all of this before wiping the machine.

  canarieslover 12:55 28 Jan 2009

Is there a COA sticker on the computer anywhere? This should have your product key on it for the version of XP that you had installed. If you can borrow that same version you will be able to re-install using your product key. If no COA sticker then it will be a case of buying a new disk and licence number.

  dobber 1 13:57 28 Jan 2009

I was under the impression this forum was for Absolute beginners. I realise I should have done a lot of things, but if I had known better, I would not be troubling this forum.

canarieslover, there is a CAO sticker on the side of the PC. I will not be able to borrow the same version because it was preinstalled, or am I missing something?

  Sea Urchin 14:07 28 Jan 2009

Your operating system would have been XP Home or HP Pro - probably the first. If you can borrow an XP Home disk from a friend then you can reinstall it using your product key from the sticker.

  Pamy 14:47 28 Jan 2009

"Do I need a CD Rom?" are you saying the computer does not have a CD drive.?

  dobber 1 14:50 28 Jan 2009

Hi Pamy, I meant CD Rom disc.

  Pamy 14:55 28 Jan 2009

Ok understand, I thought that maybe your computer was so old it did not have a drive. Like all others have said you now nead to by an XP installation disk.

  canarieslover 15:06 28 Jan 2009

By same version all that is meant was XP Home or XP Pro, whichever was the operating system originally installed. An XP Home product key will only work on an XP Home install disk and XP Pro key will only work on XP Pro disk.

  dobber 1 15:39 28 Jan 2009

It was XP Home and the PC was bought with this already installed, there was no disc. Pamy, you mentioned I need to buy a disc, do you know from where and how much?

  Pamy 15:42 28 Jan 2009

they may still be available on E-Bay or computer fairs, but be very carefull what you buy or second hand in papers or mags, but again be carefull what you buy

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