Reinstalling XP

  Bob Bob™ 20:50 15 Jan 2007


My friend is having some very bad problems with her PC. Too long and confusing to talk about but the end result is a reinstall of XP is needed.

So, my question is.

Since that the problem PC is running XP Pro, would their be any problems installing XP home on to it?

What steps would be involved in doing this then?


  Jackcoms 20:59 15 Jan 2007

Before re-installing, have you tried a repair of the existing OS?

Sometimes the system files (those required to run Windows properly) can become corrupted.

Here's how to run a check on your system files:
• Click Start; Run.
• In the Run box, type cmd.exe to open the command prompt window.
• At the prompt, type sfc.exe /scannow
• Press ENTER. If Windows finds problems with the system files, you will be prompted to insert your Windows XP installation CD to restore the files.

If no problems are found and the scan finishes, type exit and press ENTER.

  ed-0 21:07 15 Jan 2007

Is the XP pro a pirated version. Is that the problem, there has been a lot of them put onto computers by some unscrupulous people.

If it is and you just want to start a fresh with XP home.

Just pop the XP home CD in the cdrom drive and start the computer. Hopefully it will be set to " boot from cdrom " first. If it isn't, post back.

Then just follow the prompts on the screen. The important screens you want are the ones after you are asked to press the F8 key.

You will two choices to get rid of all the old files

1) you could format the hard drive in either NTFS or FAT32 ( thats just the filing system for windows ). Pick the quick format option for speed or pick the normal option if you think the hard drive could do with a once over check.

2) to delete the partition with a "D". This would delete the partition and very thing on that partition. You would then get the chance to rebuild the partition and also the opportunity to change the size of that partition.

an excellent walk through guide is click here

  Bob Bob™ 21:18 15 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help.

I am afraid the PC isnt near by, but installing an older version of XP will be ok yeah? The PC is just over 6 months old.


  ed-0 21:24 15 Jan 2007

" but installing an older version of XP will be ok yeah? "


Just make sure you either format or delete the partition that contains windows. Then you will not have two versions of windows on the same computer.

If the computers hard drive is split ( partitioned ) or the computer has an extra hard drive ( slave ). You could transfer over to that partition or slave hard drive, information you do not wish to loose of the computer.

If you have neither of the above, backup what you can to an external hard drive, pen drive or burn to cdr or dvd.

If this nothing you wish to save, just format.

  Bob Bob™ 19:03 18 Jan 2007

I meant to ask this before.

Would installing XP media center on a non Vivi PC be ok?

Dell said there was a hardware conflict or something when I had XP MC and a non vivi processor selected.


  Genius1 13:09 19 Jan 2007

To use all of the features of Media Centre Edition you will need a TV Card etc. But there is no reason that you could not install MCE on your machine.

  MichelleC 13:35 19 Jan 2007

Another point: If your friend's pc is a Dell it should have a reload feature built into the bios which will return it to factory settings (and lose data). Press F11 on bootup and follow instructions.

  PaulB2005 16:25 19 Jan 2007

All the Dells i have seen don't have this feature as they ship with a Windows CD.

  Bob Bob™ 18:15 26 Jan 2007

But XP Media center will work yeah?
Knowing this I will reformat her drive and do it.


*shall wait for a definite answer before I click resolved*

  Scottiedogg 18:59 26 Jan 2007

Hi Bob,

XP Media Center will work fine. Beware of installing XP Home though. Microsoft are stopping all support for XP Home on 31st Jan 2007. This means that after Wednesday, you will not be able to download any updates/security patches etc. XP Pro will have support for another 2 years and Media Center doesn't yet have a 'end support' date as many features are integrated into Vista.

Hope this helps.

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