Reinstalling Windows XP SP2

  Forum Member2 12:57 01 Apr 2008

I would like to reinstall windows XP on a computer, what steps should I take inorder for the reinstall to work correctly.

  freaky 13:21 01 Apr 2008

The following link will help:-

click here

  freaky 13:33 01 Apr 2008

or this one, it's clearer.....did it last week !

click here

  simmo09 17:56 01 Apr 2008

ahh the times, windows xp has to be the #1 choice. Boy windows 98 installations drove me mad!!

Im always installing XP on Vista-Ready pc's, the links freaky provided should do it for you. If you get stuck let us know

  freaky 18:34 01 Apr 2008

Another link by Microsoft: -

click here

  Forum Member2 19:19 01 Apr 2008

i have reinstalled windows but now click here has come up, how can i remove this

  freaky 20:54 01 Apr 2008

If you click on the X button at the top right of the screen it should disappear. Let us know what happens ?

  Forum Member2 17:14 02 Apr 2008

there is no X

  brundle 17:22 02 Apr 2008

TweakUI click here

Go to General, last item - untick `Show Windows version on desktop`

  brundle 17:28 02 Apr 2008

If you mean the letters EN, click here

  Forum Member2 13:05 03 Apr 2008

thank you so much, i know how to remove the language bar I was talking about the XP Professional Stamp of my desktop

very happy person

once again thanks a lot, you have saved my life

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