Reinstalling Windows XP

  nath321 14:54 24 Mar 2006

Will Reinstalling Windows XP clear my system of all the programs & virus's on my computer.As clearing my system completly and starting again is what i'm looking for.

  david889 14:57 24 Mar 2006

yes if u re-format your hard drive, but u will need to boot from the cd.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 24 Mar 2006

Maybe, alot depends on how your PC is set up and where the viruses are.

If you only have one drive not partitioned with XP and all your other programs and files on then format and reinstall from scratch will wipe everything.

If you have programs and documents on another drive or partition then reinstalling windows may leave viruses and spyware in the remaining folders / files /programs.

  nath321 14:59 24 Mar 2006

sorry i'm not sure how to re-format my hard drive. but i do have the windows xp disk if i jus insert this and click install will this have the desired effect

  surfmonkey #:@} 15:02 24 Mar 2006

click here have a read here

  david889 15:03 24 Mar 2006

when the computer is on put the windows xp cd into the drive and restart the computer, if your bios is set to check for a boot cd it will say press any key to boot from cd otherwise u will have to set it to boot from a cd. if u need more help click here

  nath321 15:05 24 Mar 2006

that dosent help either as i already have windows xp installed and am just looking overwrite/clear every thing and start again

  david889 15:06 24 Mar 2006

yes but if u want to clear everything (delete everything) and start of fresh u need to re-fromat ur hard drive click here

  david889 15:09 24 Mar 2006

then when u have re-formatted your hard drive u then install windows xp, make sure u have a backup of your drivers for your computer

  Genius1 15:09 24 Mar 2006

Also to log on as the administrator, choose the option to disable the welcome screen in User Accounts (under 'Change the way users log on or off' or something like that). Then log off, and log on using the 'classic' log in box (renaming the User Name to 'Administrator').

  Genius1 15:10 24 Mar 2006

Very sorry, wrong topic!

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