Reinstalling Win98SE

  DouglasR 01:58 23 Mar 2003

My local dealer installed WinXP Home, which replaced Win98SE.

I now wish to reinstall Win98 in case I have problems with XP. Given that my tech expertise is strictly limited, can anyone advise me how to reinstall Win98? I've consulted the Microsoft KB on this, but it's too technical for me, I'm afraid!

Help would be much appreciated.

  ahales42 02:09 23 Mar 2003

unless you have a partition on your hd you cannot do it without losing have more chance of having a problem with 98 than you have with xp.if you really want 98,then format your hd to fat32,and put your 98 disk in.if your hd is formatted to the xp(can`t remember what it`s called) then you have no chance.

  Gaz 25 02:28 23 Mar 2003


More secure



Better looking

Easier to work with

User friendly

Support for more new hardware and USB 2.0, etc.

It has good privacy

Better sound and graphics, etc.

Keep XP!

  John-259217 02:58 23 Mar 2003

But if you still want 98 ...

I would suggest spending about £30 on PowerQuest Partition Magic V8. This software walks you thru partitioning your hard drive and installing a second O/S. The only problem you might find will be installing Bootmagic (included with above),which allows you to choose which O/S to start the system with. This needs to be installed to a FAT32 partition ie Win98 not an NTFS one as XP is typically installed on, but the help files are pretty good.

  Djohn 03:10 23 Mar 2003

I assume from your question that you have disk with win98, do you have a disk with win XP?

Your local dealer who installed it for you should have given you a disk and licence, if so then you will be fine staying with this O/S, as advised by other post above.

Once you find your way round XP, it's a terrific system to work with and by far the most user friendly , especially for someone with little knowledge of the working of a PC. It does everything for you.

Win98 and 98se is preferred by some people, but usually they are the one's who enjoy to tinker and tune for performance. J.

I agree, XP really is a great O/S,I had 98, and when i got XP nothing worked but when i downloaded the drivers it all worked perfectly,
u could try a xp boot disc to get fat32 back on,
and maybe try 98 and xp together.

  zjhmylove 05:10 23 Mar 2003

first backup you data then put 98 disk in your Cdrom,you can use the command fdisk everything will be OK ! wish you success

  « Ravin » 05:14 23 Mar 2003

consider a dual boot where you have borh windows 98 and xp installed so you can use windows 98 while you come to terms with win xp

  zjhmylove 05:35 23 Mar 2003

you know ,if you want use dual boot ,you should first install 98 then install xP but he first install XP it can't install 98 now

  Kyomii 06:59 23 Mar 2003

>>>if your hd is formatted to the xp(can`t remember what it`s called) then you have no chance. <<<

Yes you do - have a chance I mean ;)

If you hard drive has been formatted using the NT File System then boot up your machine using a Win 98 boot disk.

Then run fdisk and when choosing to delete partition choose number 4 "non-DOS partition"

Once deleted, create new primary DOS partition and format and then you can install Win 98 normally.

  DouglasR 14:00 23 Mar 2003

I should have explained in the original post that I'm experiencing problems with XP: it freezes and locks just like 98 (at least twice per session) and the XP equivalent of ScanDisk is in frequent action. Once it wouldn't load at all because of corrupt files and I had to go into the BIOS to change the settings that allowed me to reinstall XP.

I suspect that my hard drive may be at fault; I've used several diagnostic utilities, all of which give the drive a clean bill of health. However, even to my untutored ear, there's something worrying about the way the drive grinds and seems to be struggling; it reminds me of what happened before the failure of my last drive. I'll replace it when I can afford to.

In the meantime, thanks to all who responded so quickly and helpfully. I haven't converted to the NFTS system, so I may try to reinstall 98 using the software suggested in this forum.

Apart from all that, it's good to know that there are so many people on this site with the free and expert knowledge that I so sadly lack. Thanks again.

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