Reinstalling ME!

  Ke1thW 12:41 01 Jul 2007


A friend asked me to upgrade her computer from ME to XP and I've screwed up! :( I ran XP setup and formatted the drive but an error came up and I'm assuming that it's because she only has 32MB RAM. I really should of checked this first eh..DOH! So I've tried reinstalling ME with her product recovery disk and it sets up fine until set up tries to restart the system. It doesn't start back up! Now when I turn the computer on, it starts to load ME, then the screen "it is now safe to turn off your computer" appears and system shuts down. I've tried reinstalling ME but same thing happens over again. ME ran fine before. The only hardware difference is my 19' TFT. Any ideas?


  Ke1thW 13:12 01 Jul 2007

Just to add...I've tried starting in safe mode but the system still turns off.

  nuttycomputer 13:48 01 Jul 2007

That O/S is so unstable, The problems I had with that O/S is unbelievable, buy more memory and upgrade to XP!
But that doesn't help you here,
So I would unplug all USB devices and other devices( sound card.etc.etc), so you are starting with a basic system.
Reformat the HD once more and start a fresh..
Once up and running, power down, and install 1 device at a time, and see how you get on..
But I would consider my first idea (Memory and upgrade)
Better still get hold of Windows 2000 cheaply if you cant afford XP( which worked great for me)..

  Ke1thW 14:01 01 Jul 2007

The OS sucks I know. I will try removing any hardware like you said and reformat, although I think that there is only a modem! If was offering me cash then I'd upgrade the RAM.

  Ke1thW 14:51 01 Jul 2007

I removed floppy, cd, modem and mouse but still same problem...system shuts down. It's nothing to do with my monitor is it? What else can I do to restore her OS?

You could try and whack Windows 98 on there and upgrade to ME within Windows assuming you have a spare 98 CD and Cd Key.

Monitor should not make any difference assuming that monitor was used before it all went wrong.

These are minimum specs for ME

click here

Did you reformat the Entire hard drive, use a floppy boot disk and then run Setup.exe from the Dos prompt?

  Ke1thW 15:07 01 Jul 2007

I don't have 98 or 2000, just a copy of XP Pro. I formatted the drive using the XP Pro setup before it encountered an error. I'm using my own 19' monitor which come to think of it, worked OK with her system before format.

Try formatting the drive within Dos. Basically create a boot disk floppy. Google 'Windows ME boot disk files'. Boot from that floppy and chose the option to load the CD drivers.

Make sure you are at the A: prompt in dos and use the command 'Format C:' and follow the prompts.

Once finished key in 'D:' or whatever you CD drive letter has been asssigned. Put the ME CD into the drive and key in 'Setup.exe' in the Dos prompt and the install should start.

Hope that makes sense

  Ke1thW 15:18 01 Jul 2007

I'll try that now, thanks. Is it a DOS or ME boot disk I need? click here

You need the Windows ME OEM one NOT the one that says 'No Ramdrive'

  Ke1thW 15:44 01 Jul 2007

I copied the floppy OK but when I tried to boot from it I got the message 'remove disks or other media press any key to restart'. I found I was able to enter DOS through the ME CD by using the option 'start computer using cd support'. I was in dir A but when I typed 'format c:' it said it was a bad command line?!

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