reinstalling emails

  Barnacarry 16:49 08 Sep 2008

Last year I backed up my OE emails (dbx) by copying them to a selfmade folder on a CD, as I needed to reinstall XP.
I've only just found them again and wondered if there was any way that I can merge these older emails with the newer emails, as it keeps asking me if I want to replace the current ones?

  Technotiger 16:52 08 Sep 2008

I would have thought that if you just answer No to the question, then you would have them all still - though I have never backed-up this way myself.

  Barnacarry 16:54 08 Sep 2008

Hi, Technotiger, I tried that and the installation immediately stopped which probably means that if I'd said Yes, my newer emails would be overwritten.

  Technotiger 17:41 08 Sep 2008

I don't use OE but is it possible to simply make a new sub-folder and put the old emails in there?

  Wak 21:26 08 Sep 2008

I have a program called OEView.exe which lets you read and reprint .DBX files wherever they are stored.
Try Googling for it???

  Barnacarry 10:58 09 Sep 2008

Technotiger - now that's something worth looking at. If I placed all my new folders in a new sub-folder I could then get the old ones back and then copy, individually, the new ones into them. (Good One)! Cheers.

Wak - I'll check out OEView if the above doesn't work. Thanks.

Marg7 - I'll also check your one out for future ref.

Thanks for all your help.

ps I'll let you know how I get on.

  Barnacarry 14:47 10 Sep 2008

Just to let you know that it worked. I made a new sub-folder called AAA and dragged all my current folders into it. I then imported the old folders back into OE and simply (or laboriously) opened the AAA folder and dragged all the new emails from the various folders (obviously checking their date) back into their old folders and then finally I deleted the the AAA folder(hope that makes sense). Here's a tip though, a mug of tea and some Jammie Dodgers helps things along.
Thanks to all.

  jimv7 15:36 10 Sep 2008

This helps if you have a partition or 2 hard drives.

Create a folder on the partition or 2nd drive, call it email, open outlook express/Tools/Options/Maintenance/Store folder/Change and browse to the new folder and click ok. Also, export addresses and accounts to the same folder.

You can now format 'c' drive and always recover emails.

  Technotiger 16:16 10 Sep 2008

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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