Reinstalling 98se

  manchesterman 12:05 03 Oct 2006

Thanks for reading.

Have reformated a few times before without many problems tho to be honest Im still a bit PC naieve.

Have reformated and reloaded 98se(I use it cause its easy for me to navigate around)and everythings gone well,all drivers loaded fine or so I thought until I came to install my internet connection (NTL ethernet through usb port),it seems my pc isnt registering that my USB ports are there..!,tried just inserting my webcam and they pc isnt registering the usb port(expected the; windows has found new hardware message,but nothing),I hope someone can help me cause its driving me crazy.Ive reformated at least 3 times before with no trouble.I even reloaded the OS again but still nothing,can anyone please point me in the right direction..?


  jimv7 12:12 03 Oct 2006

The usb drivers will be on the motherboard cd, failing that check out the motherboard manufacturers site, you will need the board model number for drivers.

  manchesterman 12:16 03 Oct 2006

Thanks for taking the time Jim.

Ive loaded the motherboard drivers tho,is that the only thing it could be...?

  manchesterman 12:19 03 Oct 2006


In the device manager thereis no USB controllers at the bottom of the list,I think this could be worng..?

  jimv7 12:22 03 Oct 2006

Win 98 needs application drivers for any usb devicees fitted, check out the disk for the cable modem, the drivers a most likely on there.

You will also have to load the usb drivers for the webcam, from the webcam cd or the manufactures site.

  jimv7 12:24 03 Oct 2006

In that case, you will have to check the bios of the computer to make sure that the usb is enabled.

Possibly by pressing del as the computer first starts.

  manchesterman 12:28 03 Oct 2006

Thanks Jim,thats excellent because when the PC boots up a bios window appears for a milli second and I catch usb somthing somthing in the window,I will go into the setup and see if its disabled,Im on another old demic pc thats slower than a drunk slug at the moment,will have to re rig the newer pc and hopefully come back to thank you,cheers pal,youve been a great help.
Will report back anyway,thanks

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