Reinstalled Win7 and....

  PC840 23:11 26 Jan 2011

I can't access the data I had backed up to DVD, but its there because I can see on a friends computer. Although DVDs play OK. Any ideas before I investigate?

  lotvic 00:27 27 Jan 2011

How did you backup the data?
Was it a straight copy and burn data disk
Did you use a software program - which one

you need to give more details of the problem and perhaps you'd better investigate so you can tell us the exact nature of the problem.

  lotvic 00:30 27 Jan 2011

~And have you reinstalled the programs - Office, pdf reader etc on your new reinstall of W7?

  PC840 18:43 27 Jan 2011

I'm using Roxio and it a straight copy and burn data disc. It's ejecting the drawer and keeps asking for me to insert a disc, when I put one in! And yes I have Adobe pdf reader, etc, but I don't see the connection!

  lotvic 19:29 27 Jan 2011

I asked about the programs Adobe pdf reader, etc because you did not detail what you meant by "I can't access the data I had backed up to DVD" and it might have meant that you could not open your files/documents to read them because you hadn't got the programs installed that they needed.

Have you checked in Device Manager to see if any problems with dvd drive (yellow exclamation mark) - may need driver updating.
If the DVD (disc) works okay and you can see the files when using your friends pc then it must be a problem with your DVD drive but if as you say other DVD's work ok in the same drive then I can't think what the problem might be.
Maybe someone else will have an idea and post on here.

  PC840 12:07 29 Jan 2011

Don't understand it, but now it's work OK and I haven't do anything!

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