Reinstalled drive allocated letter 'I' not 'C'

  PCA reader 11:51 25 Sep 2005

Heading says it all.
I straight swapped a suspect drive ('C' and the only one) with a later equivalent and it has been allocated letter 'I'.
Why did this happen?
Drive 'C' has now been allocated to my Scandisk card reader.
Seems to be a problem loading BTopenworld s/w as it examines Drive C for sufficient space before installing and so errors. There doesn't seem to be an override to go look elsewhere.
Am I likely to encounter any other problems?
Should I rebuild XP again? And if so how do I ensure my hard drive is allocated 'C' ?


  Hamish 12:00 25 Sep 2005

Try;en-us;307844&sd=tech -

  PCA reader 12:06 25 Sep 2005

Thanks Hamish but article says..

'Changing the drive letter of the system volume or the boot volume is not a built-in feature of the Disk Management snap-in.'

So I assume as this is my one and only drive with no partitions then I can't change the drive letter with htis snap-in.
Or ?


  thms 12:13 25 Sep 2005

click here;en-us;223188

  thms 12:14 25 Sep 2005

try again click here;en-us;223188

  Hamish 12:15 25 Sep 2005

I do not really know the answer but try typing Changing Drive letter into Google and see if that will guide you to a fix. Someone else in bound to offer better help

  PCA reader 12:21 25 Sep 2005

thms....neither of those pages are available.

Hamish - tried what you suggested and more of the same ie the Msoft article you originally linked.

I think I'm goin' have to get in touch with BT
and see iof there is a later Home 500 s/w which doesn't assume drive 'C'.

Anyone else any ideas please?


  Hamish 12:32 25 Sep 2005

As no one else appears to be coming in try typing a slight variation by typing Changing Hard Drive letter into google. It brings up different pages

  SANTOS7 12:35 25 Sep 2005

click here
this may help,god luck..

  MAJ 12:44 25 Sep 2005

There is a way to do it click here , PCA reader, but it might be tricky. You might be safer disconnecting all drives, reinstalling the main drive and see if it's recognised as the C: Drive then. But as a lot of the registry entries will refer to Drive I:, disconnecting all other drives and reinstalling XP might be the safest bet.

  Graham ® 12:55 25 Sep 2005

You will need to contact Microsoft to activate XP on the new drive.

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