Reinstallation Vista or XP

  aine 16:09 30 Jan 2009

Lately I have been having niggardly problems with Vista. See thread posted 30/1/09 (aine), Acronis F11 tells me there are no backup points available? windows easy transfer keeps popping up, this is not listed under System tools?. I have tried a repair using the DVD used to install Vista. The problems are still there.I have both DVDs for Vista and XP home centre. If i use either of these to do a reinstalltion, Do i have to backup everything ie photos, programs AVG etc, mail contacts, network settings, music etc etc. I have the installation codes, from the XP and when I upgraded to Vista. please feel free expound all your knowledge or give me a boot for asking inane questions.I have got to the stage where I seem to be chasing problems instead of using my PC for better purposes. Regards all Aine

  rawprawn 16:34 30 Jan 2009

If you are going to do a complete re install of either XP or Vista you certainly need to back up all your data

For your Email backup use Amic Backup
click here

Have a look click here

  rawprawn 17:08 30 Jan 2009

I don't understand Acronis "No backups available" if you have made one in ASZ.
If you have a backup in ASZ run "Validate Backup"

  aine 17:08 30 Jan 2009

That link is certainly longwinded, I will be honest I dont fancy doing all that. When I upgraded from XP to Vista it was just the case of running the upgrade disc through the PC twice. Nothing was lost,even all my photos remained complete. would it be so complicated to go back to XP? Aine

  rawprawn 17:32 30 Jan 2009

I'm afraid so, if you cannot "Repair" you have to start from scratch.
Which operating system do you want to install?

  rawprawn 17:34 30 Jan 2009

Did you check Acronis Secure Zone Backup? If you made one successfully it is very strange that it will not work.

  aine 17:53 30 Jan 2009

Rawprawn. I have found the last backup created by Acronis is on my drive "D" It was created on18/1/09, it is 80GB in size.If I moved it over to the "C" drive, is there a way for Acronis to use this in the Secure zone? If I just transfer it how can I restore the system using this backup? If it was successful I then could create a new Secure zone. You will see that I have a lot to learn about Computers

  aine 17:58 30 Jan 2009

Following on from your last post, which came in while I was typing, I feel that perhaps the XP may be more stable. My wife has XP and she never seems to have trouble, my problems seem to arise on their own. perhaps I meddle to much?Aine

  rawprawn 18:30 30 Jan 2009

Open Acronis look at the log and choose the backup 18/01/09 on your Drive D: then choose Restore. That will take you back to that backup point.
If you would prefer to reinstall XP
click here
However I would persist with Vista If I were you, it is much more up to date and really not a problem at all.
Having said that there are many who would disagree with me, and much prefer XP. The choice is yours.

  aine 13:24 31 Jan 2009

Hello rawprawn. Tried as you suggested, regarding the Acronis recovery site. Selected drive "D" as scorce, message on screen, proceeding, windows will restart.PC went off, left it like that all night. This morning no change, after a restart? Recovery did not work. I will persevere with Vista,just that it is a nuisance having these little things happening.I will try to do a system restore, about a month, see if that helps. Aine

  aine 16:57 31 Jan 2009

Continuing the saga, restored system back 1 month.Problem still there

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