Reinstallation, But files and folders still there?

  tran1 12:18 11 Jan 2003
  tran1 12:18 11 Jan 2003


I did a full reinstallation of windows Xp (Home) but upon restarting, Files and folders were still n my hard drive. Everything on the desktop and start menu was wiped out including video, sound drivers but files and folders were still on the hard drive.

IS this supposed to happen? I thought that the whole hard drive or partition would be wiped out before a new reinstallation by windows?

Although the files and folders were still on the hard drive, was the registry replaced with a fresh new copy or will there still be traces of installed programs still there?

The reason I wanted to reinstall windows was becuase I have downloaded many programs and have mucked about with alot of stuff. things were beginning to go wrong such as programs having to close etc

The method I used to reinstall was to run the Xp disk from windows. Selecting new install (Advanced) option (Not upgrade) and letting it restart etc.

IS this the correct method to do a full reinstallion? eg? clean hard drive and fresh new windows.

When I restarted, I had to install sound drivers and video drivers. Would I need to install motherboard drivers?

  hgrock 12:35 11 Jan 2003

what you have done is to reinstall windows only that part of your drive is renewed, to grt rid of the files you should have reformatted the drive then do a clean install, you may find that some of these remaining folders and programs may not open because they are not in the registry

  djwheeler 12:37 11 Jan 2003

Me thinks you didn't format the drive and just installed over the top of the current installation. If so then all the files and folder that were there before will still be there.

  tran1 12:42 11 Jan 2003

Oh I see,

will these folders and files still be linked to the registry? IF not, Can I simply just delete them safely (becuase the registry has been renewed and so there will be no links between registry and files and folders)?

During the re-installtion process, Xp never actually gave an option to reformat my hard drive. How would I do this?

  tran1 12:45 11 Jan 2003

Hi, just wanted to mention another thing.

The folders contain many programs I had before the reinstallation. I can still open them but they don't appear in the add/remove programs list. Which means I can't unistall them safely if they don't have an unistall file of their own.

  djwheeler 12:48 11 Jan 2003

The files and folder will be OK but I'll be suprised if any of your applications work. Could re-install the application but may be better off formatting the drive and installing windows again - making sure of course that you backup any files that you want to keep.

  Stuartli 12:57 11 Jan 2003

Tweak UI will remove any programs from the Add/Remove panel - you can get it from the Microsoft website.

It also has lots of other tricks up its sleeve.

I've reinstalled Windows 98 and everything has been exactly as before, apart from corrupted files etc being repaired.

  tran1 12:58 11 Jan 2003


Thanks, I think I will reformat my hard drive!
If I did, will I need to re-install my motherboard drivers? If so, I don't think I will want to reformat becuase I understand that any wrong option or mistake can render the motherboard useless! IS this tue?

  djwheeler 13:19 11 Jan 2003

I wouldn't have thought so.

  DieSse 14:28 11 Jan 2003

Yes you will need to re-install EVERYTHING, including motherboard drivers.

No, you cannot choose an option that will make your motherboard useless.

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