Reinstallation of AOL problems - help?

  pooks82 14:02 23 Oct 2006

hi there,

bought a new laptop and attempted to install AOL Broadband on it last night - but it won't connect!

I first received AOL 8.0 on a CD when I purchased broadband last year for my home PC, since then it has automatically upgraded to AOL 9.0 and new drivers for BT Voyager 100 have also been installed.

So, as I only had the AOL 8.0 disk, I've had to use that to install AOL on to the laptop. The actually installation of AOL and Voyager went ok but when it came to trying to sign on to the internet I had an error about PPP Link being terminated. So I then managed to use Dial Up via one of AOL's access numbers (0845) and downloaded the latest Voyager drivers. This did something but it's not fixed the problem - now it just runs through steps 1 - 5 over and over again when trying to log on (in fact, it seems to skip a couple of steps). No error messages come up.

Any suggestions? Do I need to get AOL 9.0 on there to work with the new Voyager drivers?

My fingers and toes are crossed that some clever person can give me some advise before the new laptop goes out of the window!! :S

  Diemmess 14:57 23 Oct 2006

When you contracted with Aol to use broadband, didn't you receive a kit of parts and more important a CD to install the Voyager and Aol 9?

I did so a couple of years back when BB became possible at last in my area.

I realise you have been up-graded as you used it on the PC, but I would feel more confident in your shoes by installing version 9 from a CD first on to the Laptop.

There used to be lots of these CDs tumbling out of every magazine across the board. Surely a friend has one or as a last resort ask for one directly from Aol.

  pooks82 15:03 23 Oct 2006

Hi Diemmess, thanks for the reply

Yes I did receive a kit of parts (ADSL modem, DSL microfilter etc.) all that's fine as if I plug the cables back into my home PC (with AOL 9.0 on) it all works.

It's just very frustrating that the AOL 8 CD and Voyager has become seemingly out of date with no resolution - i.e. you'd think AOL would let you log on for free to download the new AOL 9.0 if that's what's needed but they are adament that AOL 8.0 should work from the CD and seem to close their ears when I say it really isn't working.

But anyway rant over... you've confirmed my thoughts, I'll hunt for an AOL 9.0 CD and hope it works... :-)

Thanks again

  Diemmess 15:24 23 Oct 2006

Sorry, I meant MY kit of goodies included a single CD (v.9) which did the whole business (Very Slowly).
Popped in the slot it took forever to explain that the Voyager must have this plug ... there .. when asked for and not before, .... and so on.

Alternatively if you look in Aol help for Broadband > Broadband Assistant.
This they say..... is a download which when installed checks out the connection for you.
I hope you may be able to download this to the PC. Copy to a CD, install and run it on the laptop.

  MickinPlymouthUK 03:35 24 Oct 2006

I signed up for AOL Silver broadband last Feb and somehow got it working despite occasional hiccups, but things got a helluva lot smoother when I later ditched AOL8 and used AOL9 instead.
And more recently still, I ditched Win 98 and switched to Win XP Home and now things are smoother still..

  MickinPlymouthUK 03:40 24 Oct 2006

PS I believe AOL 9 is on the AOL Broadband installation CD, I seem to remember I originally ignored it and stuck with AOL 8 for far too long, duh..

  Sic 11:51 24 Oct 2006

Thing to remember is you don't need the AOL software at all. I have a new pc with NO AOL software on it whatsoever, just use the login name and password with my router, def the best way to go.

Pooks82....drop me an email and i will throw u a 9.0 CD in the post if you want? Or just get AOL to do it, maybe quicker!

  Miros 12:01 24 Oct 2006

To Quote "Thing to remember is you don't need the AOL software at all. I have a new PC with NO AOL software on it whatsoever, just use the login name and password with my router, def the best way to go."
Does this mean you have AOL without ( being polite) all the strings and bows ? ( I could call it something else but think FE would warn me and cut)

  Sic 17:29 24 Oct 2006

Exactly that. I just use my AOL username and password in my Netgear router setup page, and dont have to install the tons of irksome AOL software.

My aol email is run through Outlook. Negatives are you don't have the aol 'functionality' like their radio stations etc. But the only reason i have aol is because i like their connection speed, genuine no caps download and VERY reliable service.

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