Reinstall Win XP Pro

  cagey 10:20 21 May 2006

My computer is running Win XP Pro. I have 2 HDD, a 40Gb partitioned into 2X20Gb partitions (C&D) and a 160Gb partitioned into 2X80Gb partitions (E&F). The operating system is on C drive and programs are on D drive, E & F are used mainly for photos and video. I have accumulated a lot of rubbish on C drive and wish to format it and reinstall win XP, but I do not want to format D drive. Will it be OK to just format C and reinstall widows?

  Chris-347369 10:35 21 May 2006

Once you format the C drive a lot of your programs will stop working as they're connected to the operating system through the registry and the like

  Stuartli 10:38 21 May 2006

An XP Repair and Install are two different things.

Just Repairing XP retains all your programs, applications, configuration, settings etc. See:

click here

on how to undertake a Repair (saves me typing it out!)

  cagey 12:21 21 May 2006

Hi Stuartli, will try Repair avenue first. Thanks for info.

  cagey 15:13 21 May 2006

Have been backing up data etc. If I do not have success with "Repair" can I just Format C drive and leave "D" drive as is, I appreciate that I will have to reload any programs again?

  GaT7 16:09 21 May 2006

cagey, YES to both your questions. Don't forget to back up your email messages - if OE you can use this method click here. G

  cagey 16:52 21 May 2006

Crossbow7, thanks for coming back. I am having a problem backing up my emails as I am with tiscali email system and cannot find out how to back up messages, it does not offer an 2Export" facility, any ideas anybody?

  GaT7 17:32 21 May 2006

If you're saying ALL your email messages are stored online at Tiscali (click here) & you do NOT use OE (or similar email client) for Tiscali or any other email address/ISP, then you don't need to back up any messages.

Please get back if you're in the slightest doubt, or elaborate if I've misunderstood. G

  Stuartli 18:06 21 May 2006

Just one point to note with Tiscali's e-mail storage - it soon fills up...:-)

I found this out last year when, for some reason, my e-mail storage facilities at Tiscali meant I kept getting messages from the ISP that it was overflowing, even though another Tiscali e-mail box and one at Pipex were OK.

Turned out I had not disabled Save Messages on Server for one of the Tiscali accounts in Thunderbird...:-(

  cagey 16:20 27 May 2006

Reinstalled successfully.
Thanks for all the help.

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