Reinstall Win XP on laptop computer

  crispins 23:11 06 May 2008

My daughter has an Acer Travelmate 250 running WIN XP she was not given any documentation covering the re-installation of the operating system by her sister when the system was passed over.

The hard drive is split into 2 partitions C: and also D: which contains files including some image files, I assume that this is the OS reinstall image, can someone please explain how to reinstall from this image. Should copies of these image and other files in this partition be burnt onto CD in order to allow for HD failure?

Many thanks

  Sea Urchin 00:10 07 May 2008

You should be able to get into the recovery partition by keying <Alt>+<F10> - a menu will guide you through the various options. If you need a password the default is six zeros. If Alt+F10 doesn't work from within XP then try it as the Acer splash screen appears whilst rebooting.

  crispins 22:17 07 May 2008

Thanks for that Sea Urchin, will look into that next time I see her.

Any comments on the second part of the post with regard backing up to a CD? to allow rebuild in the event of hard disc failure or data corruption.

Thanks again

  Strawballs 22:21 07 May 2008

Go into system tools and have a look in there, that is where Packard Bell have the option to burn to disc and when you do this it deletes the partion on the HDD leaving more space.

  Devil Fish 22:34 07 May 2008

many acers have npowering technology installed within that you should have the option to create an image of the os to put on cd /DVD

  crispins 23:22 08 May 2008

Thanks Strawballs will look into that next time I have access to the system and see if it is an option.

Thanks also to Devil Fish not aware of npowering technology could expand a bit on this please?

Thanks once again

  crispins 20:28 05 Jun 2008

Hi All

No have not fallen off my perch or forgotten to tick the resolved box, do not get much opportunity to get at the laptop concerned.

Have now had the opportunity to try out all the above without any result, except npowering technology which does not seem to be installed any additional, suggestions further gratefully received.

  BBW 20:52 05 Jun 2008

Have you tried ACER they are very good with the help!

  Strawballs 22:19 05 Jun 2008

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