Reinstall Win 7

  Ollyolly 09:40 12 Jun 2011

My PC has just died. As it's getting long in the tooth I think I'll purchase a new one.

If I buy a new PC without an OS can I use my existing Win 7 disc legally to reinstall onto the new PC?

After all I would still only be using the one installation of Win 7.

  Ian in Northampton 09:51 12 Jun 2011

If it's the retail version, yes. If it's an OEM version, you might have issues - but probably not. Oh, and it's need to be the full version, I'd guess, if you're planning to install it on a PC with no OS at all - if it's the upgrade version, you may struggle, unless you have a copy of e.g XP that you can install first. Reactivating it may be a pain, as your hardware configuration will have changed dramatically, so MS will think you're running it on a second PC. Do-able, though.

  Ollyolly 09:57 12 Jun 2011

Thnaks Ian.

I have the full retail version disc.

I asked the question as I thought with a new hardware configuration there may be a problem.

  Ian in Northampton 10:59 12 Jun 2011

Yep - the 'problem' will just be when you come to activate/reactivate it - but it really shouldn't be a big issue. I'd guess you'll need to activate via phone, rather than online, but it shouldn't be a big deal.

  kristain 12:25 15 Jun 2011


Before performing the clean reinstallation of Windows 7 Operating System you need to check the power connection. Power supply failure would result in failure reinstallation of Windows 7. Thereby you may lose time. By keeping the system battery fully charged, you can prevent the power failure problem to an extent. Before starting the system, you need to check the power circuit connection for your system as well.

  Ollyolly 08:00 20 Jun 2011


Thought I would let you know I entered my activation code (20 or so letters and numbers) and they were accepted straight away. I'm guessing I could only do that a limited number of times before Microsoft would get anoyed.

Thanks for your replies.

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