Reinstall Query...again!

  Ben Avery 10:24 26 Mar 2003

Gday all

Sorry to bring up an old query I had but I'm having a little trouble with the old PC here and have decided it's time to start from scratch again!

Setup is a 40GB HDD which has been partitioned using PM8 into 5Gb for C: (Windows) 10Gb for D: (Programs) and the remainder on E: (My Documents).

I have saved all of my documents to the E: drive and want to format and reinstall Win 98SE onto my C: drive. I will then reinstall Boot Magic and PM8 again and use it to add Win2K.

I first want to save my emails from Outlook XP but I'm not too sure where they are stored - on outlook express this was easy. (If not sure, I can import them into OE6 for now, save them, and re-import them back into Outlook later though so this is not a problem, just a query).

I know there are some very intelligent people out there in this forum (flecc) and would like to know what process you would use to do this?

Would it be a case of:

1. Copy Information I want to a tempory folder on the E: drive

2. Reboot, inserting win 98 boot disk

3. Choose "without CD ROM Support"

4. (At A\: prompt) Type format c: /s>

5. Choose "yes" etc. to Format C: Drive

6. Restart "With CD ROM support"

7. Install Windows 98SE (over what should now be a totally blank(?) 5Gb C: drive)

8. Install my drivers, wipe the D: drive of all programs and then install PM8 again etc as normal.

9. Use PM8 and Boot Magic to add operating system (Win2k)

10. Install Win2k

11. Boot into Win2k and install Drivers and All program files, re-establishing my internet connections etc.

Is this about right or is there a better way?


  AndySD 11:18 26 Mar 2003


choose File then Import&Export the wizard starts.. choose Export to File choose Personal Folder File .pst choose highlight Personal Folders and tick Include Subfolders....(well you know the rest)


4. format c:

no need for the s switch.

9. No need for PM8 and Boot Magic to add operating system. If you boot with the windows 2000 cd and load it onto D drive windows 2000 will install its own boot loader. (you have to have 98 loaded on C first)

  spikeychris 11:25 26 Mar 2003

Agree with Andy, option 3. select "with CDROM support" and the just format c


  Ben Avery 11:33 26 Mar 2003

Will I still get the A\: prompt if I choose "WITH CD ROM support"?

If not, surely I won't ber able to use the format facility?

Excuse my ignorance! I'm like an energy saving lightbulb, I brighten up as the day goes on!


  Ben Avery 11:36 26 Mar 2003

Thanks for the Outlook info - never acually noticed the export as a file option!


  spikeychris 11:53 26 Mar 2003

Ah! just re-read your post, are you not using a bootdisk? (floppy)

The /s switch will add in the ability to boot to DOS on that drive. If you aren't booting from that drive, then no need to bother. If you are installing Windows from a CD, then their installers will create the booting ability.


  Ben Avery 12:02 26 Mar 2003

Yes I am using a floppy bootdisk.

As I am obviously still not to full illumination levels (the bulb is getting warmer!), could you refresh me through the procedure please?

Also, the reason for me wanting to install Win2k using PM8 is that the 5Gb is plenty for the installation of BOTH operatingf systems so I was planning to use PM8 to split the C: partition into 2 operating system partitions so that when I boot into Win 98 the C: drive will show as aroung 2Gb and Win2k will show as around 3Gb.

Is this a bad move?

  spikeychris 12:22 26 Mar 2003

You can use PM if you want to and if you have it then you might as well, it has more tools than Fdisk.

You do have quite a few options: as Andy says 2K has its own bootloader and partitioning tools. You could still however use the floppy to format and at the A:/ prompt type format c you don't need to load the installers twice, as would happen with the /s switch.


  Ben Avery 12:36 26 Mar 2003

thank you. I guess it just leaves me to do it now then!

If there's no post by the end of today it's all gone horribly wrong!


  MAJ 12:48 26 Mar 2003

I don't understand where you need to use fdisk, Ben Avery, you're not going to change the partitions are you? As advised above, I would:

Insert the floppy bootdisk, reboot the PC. Choose to start "with CD-ROM support". At the A:\ prompt, type format c: When C is formatted, insert the Win98 CD and at the A:\ prompt type x:\setup, where x is your CD-ROM drive, watch the screen to verify which drive letter has been allocated to the CD-ROM drive. Win 98 should then load to your C: drive.

  Ben Avery 23:12 26 Mar 2003

Ok, finally sorted it all out with only minor hitches. The light get's brighter!

Have now installed Windows 98 SE on C: drive partition of just over 2Gb and Windows 2000 Professional on C; Drive partition using PM8 and Boot Magic so that one partition is always hidden

Reinstalled most of my programs on drive D: under 2 folders (Win 98 and Win 2K).

Documents on drive E: unchanged.

All done.

Thanks guys.


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