ReInstall Office

  tonyabacus 12:15 02 Jul 2007

Suddenly I cannot update Office XP as it tells me my copy is a pirate despite having it for 4years and updating regularly.

I purchased another copy but am unsure how to remove and replace. Can I delete the old copy and just reinstall the new from the new disk and what about all the files etc I have built up over the period. Also what will happen to the emails and contact details in Explorer? What other records need to be kept and how do I do it?

Can someone advise please.

  A-Nonymous 13:36 02 Jul 2007

Maybe they finally discovered it was pirate!!!

  crosstrainer 13:39 02 Jul 2007

First, ensure that the copy you have just purchased is a full one, and not the upgrade, if it's the upgrade version (much cheaper) you will not be able to install it, as it requires you to have a legal, previous version of the product.

Providing you do have a full copy of Office, back up all the contents of your my document folder (the re-install will not delete these anyway but best to be safe) and your outlook address book (use the export option to back them up to a new folder on your hard drive)

Then install your new copy of office, and re-instate your address book by importing it from your saved will also have to setup your mail connection again so it is wise to note down these settings...they can be found in tools/ accounts /mail/ properties from within Outlook.

  tonyabacus 14:50 02 Jul 2007

Thanks Crosstrainer,
Can you clarify for me if once I have backed up etc, do I need to uninstall the old copy or are you saying I can just go ahead and install the new copy which will overwrite the old?
Will I lose any passwords as well and how can I back those up please.

  keef66 16:36 02 Jul 2007

I think to be safe you should uninstall the old copy. I just checked on my work pc and Microsoft Office is in the list of programs under 'Add / Remove'

  crosstrainer 17:03 02 Jul 2007

Keef66 is right, you will need to uninstall the old copy first.

  crosstrainer 17:10 02 Jul 2007

If you are refering to your system and admin passwords, then no they will not be deleted, if you have documents that are password protected, the security should be retained...just another quick though....which version of Office have you bought? I ask because 2007 uses a very different file format than previous versions, although Microsoft have made available a converter which can be downloaded from their website.

  tonyabacus 17:32 02 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone its a real help, the copy we bought is Office 2003, only because in my ignorance it was the nearest I could get to the one installed. From what you are saying Crosstrainer that should work OK with the file format I have?
Thanks again.

  crosstrainer 17:35 02 Jul 2007

Yes you should be fine, same file format, proceed as in previous post, and let us know how you get on.

  Pine Man 18:35 02 Jul 2007

Once you have loaded Office 2003 and got it working it would be a good idea to download the Office 2007 compatability update from microsoft which will enable you to read the Office 2007 files if they come your way.

It is an excellent update which I used with 2003 until I bought 2007.

  tonyabacus 11:05 03 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone, I am away for a few days so will not get it done straight away but will post result once completed, thanks for all the advice.

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