Reinstall Norton Internet Security 2005

  Running Bear 16:12 08 Mar 2007


I'm new to all this so I'm hoping some kind soul might be able to help me out. I'm no "Techie" but I'm pretty confident as a user and reasonably technically minded so I'm sure I should be able to sort it out if I persevere enough!

I've had to re install Windows XP (Home edition). After much faffing about, I've eventually got it back up and running and connected to the internet (broadband, wireless router). I thought the sensible next step would be to re install my Norton Internet Security 2005 as I was vulnerable from that point on.

So far, so good. But..... I just can't get it to install. Yes, I've switched Windows Firewall off. No, I DON'T have either Act! or Winfax installed. Yes, I've tried Norton's removal tool. Yes, I've unregistered and re registered the Windows installer thingy and finally yes, I have e mailed Symantec. Still no joy. Symantec have acknowledged my e mail (automatically) and promised a response within 48 hours but other's entries on various forums lead me to be sceptical about a result there. Hence this.

The error message I get is something like "internal error 2753" and then some gobbledygook about scanserv or something. Following the support trail on the Symantec site for that error just sends me back into the loop of trying their removal tool, which I've already established doesn't work.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I haven't included techy details of what my machine is etc, because I'm not sure they're necessary and my first post is already long enough, but can forward those if necessary/appropriate.

  RobCharles1981 16:32 08 Mar 2007

Why don't you go down the freebie route? Saves so much time bother and hassle.


  Running Bear 16:37 08 Mar 2007


Thanks. Know what you mean and I have thought about it, (and I know this is the subject of other threads), but... I reckon you only get what you pay for (in computing, as in life). Free software CAN'T be as good, can it?

Also, that feels kind of like "giving in". I paid £40 (or whatever) originally for my Norton and I reckon that for that money, it should work!

  RobCharles1981 16:49 08 Mar 2007

Free Software In my Opinion is by far better than actually paying for it.

Download The Following


click here

Only 1 of the Following Avast or AVG Free Edition


click here

Either Zone Alarm or Comodo Firewall


click here
For Realtime Protection
(Download Latest Protection updates)

Spyware Blaster (as a blocker)
click here
Download Latest Protection and Enable All Protection

Backup scanners

Ad-Aware click here
Download Update

Spybot SandD
click here
Download latest updates

Avg Antispyware
click here

A-Squared Free 2.1
click here

There we go it couldn't be easier!!

  Belatucadrus 17:06 08 Mar 2007

The free versions of avast! AVG & Antivir are slightly cut down products of reputable "paid" for programs. You only get the free license if you're a non profit home user. Everybody else has to buy the commercial licensed version.
Technically as you lose some of the advanced interface controls, you could argue they aren't as good as their Pro brethren. But as nobody needs the advanced controls and the degree of protection offered is the same, should anybody care ?
As in all things peace of mind is valuable, if you feel the need to pay for it, be my guest. I'm happy as Larry with the freebies and have been for many years.

  birdface 17:29 08 Mar 2007

Hi, I have to agree with Rob on this one, Norton is 2 years out of date so you will not get the up to date protection from it,You will get more protection from AVG as that is up-dated every day.

  birdface 17:44 08 Mar 2007

I think Its Wee Jimmy thats the expert on Norton,No doubt he will be along shortly to help you out,{Jimmy Sorry if I got your handle wrong]Is it Jimmy 14 something like that,

  Kate B 17:53 08 Mar 2007

It's Jimmy14 - he's our resident expert.

  chocolate cake 20:29 08 Mar 2007

Oh no! Not again with the old mines bigger than yours?

The best that I can offer is that you install one of the free AVs and firewalls while you're waiting to sort out Norton. that way at least you'll be able to use the internet while you wait.

When you get an answer from Symonsays, uninstall the freeware and install Norton.

You'll also get a good look at the freeware available and be 'free' to make up your own mind on them.

  Running Bear 21:25 08 Mar 2007


I believe there is something called "netiquette" which must be obeyed, but I'm going to take my chances and shout:


The advice received was exactly what I needed and I feel like I actually know what I'm doing now! I'm currently installing AVG and it looks good so far. I'll persevere with Norton anyway and see what happens. (Can't get away from the feeling that I will have what I have paid for). I'll close the thread when that is resolved.

Pushing my luck now, but wouldn't mind whatever wee Jimmy/Jimmy 14 has to offer. You out there, Jimmy?

  VoG II 21:35 08 Mar 2007

Jimmy14 is a great advocate of Norton but I'm not convinced that he is an 'expert' in any way or form.

If you are determined to persevere with this software - which I will no longer allow anywhere near my machines - try click here

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