reinstall me?

  jstaunton 23:04 12 Jun 2003

my system is in such a mess, but i cant be without(run a small business). it freezes all the time, on everything. i have broadband connection and after about an hour on the pc it slows down so much i have to restart. i can no longer use search for files as it say (0) computer. i am frightened of reformatting and reinstalling everything for fear of loosing something and not being able to reconnect to broadband (someone came out and did it)as i am not sure if it will automatically detect. i've lost the will to live!

  jstaunton 23:06 12 Jun 2003

mouse pointer seems moves but sometimes i have to bang it or wizz it round to speed up page change

  VoG® 23:06 12 Jun 2003

You can reload "over the top" - that is the easiest way but may not cure all your problems click here

  jazzypop 23:10 12 Jun 2003

1. Defrag your drive(s)

2. Empty your Temporary Internet Files

If that doesn't help (and assuming your are using Windows ME)

3. Insert your Windows boot floppy in the disk, start up with CD Rom support, change to your CD Rom drive (probably Drive E:, temporarily), and type setup.

If any of the above does not make sense or is too abbreviated, let us know and we can explain in more detail.

None of the above should result in any loss of data, but if you are using your PC to run a business, for goodness sake make a full backup of your important data. Now!


  jstaunton 23:22 12 Jun 2003

thanks for that and i will try it all tomorrow!
i do defrag every week!!!! thinking it might help i also empty temp files, but i still crash and slow down. keep your fingers crossed and i'll be back

  Bacon & Eggs 23:24 12 Jun 2003

Also, is the mouse optical or a 'ball' one? If it is the latter, it may be that it needs cleaning (ball and rollers).. i needed to clean my mouse in my old office every couple of weeks and build-up of mank causes the pointer to move erratically.

Alternatively, it could be because your computer is just so full of old files and stuff that it's slowing down. Tidying up and backing up the way to go!!

  keith-236785 07:53 13 Jun 2003

if your computer slows after about 1 hour (every time) i would also look at a possible overheating problem, check the processor fan is spinning (you have to take the side off the case for this)

if its not working you will need another price ranges from £1.99 - £20,possibly more, depends on your processor make and speed, also look if theres a lot of dust in there....


if there is dust, clean it out, pcworld sell AIR DUSTERS (can) £4.99 & a PC VAC £7.99, not a lot to spend if it helps

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