Reimage Repair

  Snrub 17:06 15 Jan 2011

Has anyone any experience of the software?

  ukpostcode 20:37 15 Jan 2011

No, but what are you trying to fix?

  GaT7 20:49 15 Jan 2011

Not very good by the looks of it - 3/5 stars at click here. Same in a PCMag review click here.

It's not free, & I don't trust anything that scans your drive, then asks for a fee to fix it.

Some of the best ways to fix problems is to:

1. Re-image your drive from a known good OS image backup (if available), or

2. Recovering / restoring it to factory settings (if available), or

3. A fresh OS install (or at least an OS repair-install). You'll need your original OS disc & Product Key to hand, as well as system drivers as applicable.

Do backup though before attempting any of the above, & make sure to download Windows Updates soon after. G

  Snrub 23:03 15 Jan 2011

Im trying to fix in principle everything that Event Viewer throws up as a problem, which is stacks and varied!

This software sounds an ideal cure all but I thought I would see if anyone had experience of using it?

My system seems to work perfectly apart from investigating Event Viewer which reports several errors and warnings which the on-line Microsoft Tech Net never seems to have any information on! I am seeing errors such as:-
Kernal-Event Tracing

these events dont seem to effect computer but why does Event Viewer show them and why does the MS on-line help NEVER show solutions.

of course I can google these events but always come up with a myriad of differing/conflicting results from numerous forums.

  Number six 23:49 15 Jan 2011

Ever since I installed W7, 16 months ago, My event viewer has logged a fatal (yes, fatal!!) error at every boot-up. For this entire period, my PC has run perfectly. For a while I spent many hours investigation on-line trying to diagnose and cure this non-existent fault before giving up and deciding to completely ignore all event log entries. And I completely agree with you, it is intensely annoying that you are prompted to seek on-line help from MS, but any such help is non-existent, no matter what the error message.

  Snrub 00:52 16 Jan 2011

Thanks Number six, its reassuring to know others are experiencing Event Viewer problems on windows7. I used it in XP and it seemed simpler and more responsive.

Windows7 Event Viewer is more complex and less user friendly, have others found this?

  wids001 08:33 16 Jan 2011

I got a new comp with W7 64bit OS a few months back. I started to look at event veiwer on a regular basis (after I had found it by accident). It scared the **** out of me. Error after error being reported for "sidebyside" plus others! I became paranoid.

Then I thought ..... The comp is working fine, so what are these "errors" affecting - No idea!

Haven't looked at the event viewer for weeks now! After seeing this I thought I'd just check - 24 errors for CAPI2 Event ID 4107 last night at 20.07! Comps still running okay though.

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