Reimage - PC Repair Online

  RobLM 10:11 12 Aug 2010

Anyone used 'Reimage - PC repair online' to fix their PC? Claim to have fixed over 1 million PC's. and on PCAdvisors website. Just interested in any good/bad comments

  birdface 10:40 12 Aug 2010

Just a couple of reviews here.

click here

Warning do not try and download it from the Reimage web Site as they receive a straight red from WOT and a few of the other sites are poor as well.

  birdface 10:47 12 Aug 2010

That was the first one that I stopped at.
others give it good reviews but I have not had time to have a good look.
So just a matter of looking before you decide and don't download from the Reimage site.

  RobLM 10:50 12 Aug 2010

Thanks, will check it out further before I do anything. I see their ad is now at top of Helproom page!

  MAJ 10:52 12 Aug 2010

You don't need to pay for tools like this, there are many excellent free applications on the net that will do it for you. You could start off with a scan at PCPitstop and then ask advise here as to what apps to use. click here

  MAJ 11:23 12 Aug 2010

Sorry, I should have given you this link. click here

  provider 2 11:36 12 Aug 2010

Suggest you steer clear of Reimage.

At best it`s an expensive program/service of dubious quality; at worst, well ... see for yourself click here (WOT forum).

  Tonsie 11:59 12 Aug 2010

Yes stay clear, provider is right.On the 4th this
month I received a newsletter from PCA with this
and a link to the site.I informed FE,he is looking
in to this link.I am still waiting for his findings.
Regards Tonsie.

  RobLM 21:06 12 Aug 2010

Thanks everyone, I think I'll stay clear.I'll see what the pcpitstop scan says and post a new thread in the near future,

  Splodge 11:44 15 Nov 2010

Hi all,

Contrary to some other reports I am absolutely delighted with it, £34.95 was well spent!

My computer kept freezing and I just couldn't understand it. I have Windows XP3 and always have the latest downloads. But my Sony computer is getting old bought 25th February 2002, so imagine the number of programs I have loaded in that time, as well as Haupauge WinTV and a Kworld tv USB!

Little has been removed even though many of those providers are now defunct. So some things were bound to have corrupted.

However, the free scan showed me that my security is fine, no infections, but did show some windows programs were not running to their potential!

I paid the year subscription and ran it all again. Took over an hour but since then, no problems!

I have to say that, having tried to move everything over to a new, Windows 7, computer and finding it very wearing, while I can or until the old lady gives up the ghost, I will stay with this one.

I do, of course have an external back-up drive and my XP layout enables me to transfer all data across (and the downloaded programs)in one hit. Installing them is another matter.

I do recommend you run the free scan, it does not alter anything and my, very strong, antiVirus etc did not indicate ant subversive problems.

In any case I set a restore point before I started and then reversed it after the scan until I made my mind up!

Hope that helps.

  robin_x 12:11 15 Nov 2010

Freeware will do everything you want. But I am glad to see you are using a 2002 machine.

This post comes to you courtesy of a slightly more ancient Compaq laptop.

But I did buy a new one last year (it's downstairs) £379, Compaq CQ61 AMD/3GB/250GB HD/W7.
I recommend you ask Santa for a new mchine, you won't regret it.


Make sure your antivirus is u to date. Use MSE/Avira/Avast or AVG free downloads.

Malwarebytes as a free scanner.

WinPatrol also can run alongside your AV.

Get a plugin for your browser for and AdBlock+

Great freeware site at Gizmos

click here
Click Freeware Categories and follow your nose.

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