Regular screen freezes..should I buy Registry Mech

  weeme 09:44 09 May 2004

For a while now I have had regular screen freezes. I use Ctrl, Alt & Delete to get PC working again but this is becoming very annoying!
What could be the problem? I read about Registry Mechanic 2.1 on this site and wonder if I purchased it would it maybe help? I have Windows XP.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 09 May 2004

What program is not responding when you press Ctrl, Alt & Delete?

There are lots of free options that are as good as Registry Mechanic - click here for RegSeeker which is good; CCleaner is good too: click here

Also do a regular defrag / clean out temp files etc. to keep the PC running well.

  bertiecharlie 10:14 09 May 2004

I wouldn't particularly recommend Registry Mechanic. I got it a few weeks ago and it found 79 errors in the Registry. Last week I got a utility programme called Tune Up Utilities 2004. Included in this programme is a registry cleaner and it found a further 400 errors which Registry Mechanic had missed.

I did a search using "XP screen freezes" in the address slot and found a forum at: click here
Visiting this forum may not cure your particular problem, but one never knows!

  weeme 20:47 09 May 2004


It freezes on everything and anything I am doing. Whether I'm on the internet or not. It doesn't seem confined to one or two particular programs.
Thanks for the help so far, I will try out the advice given.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:47 09 May 2004

weeme - when you press Ctrl, Alt & Delete, is there a particular program that is stated as "not responding"?

  weeme 09:39 10 May 2004

Diodorus - I will make a note next time this happens and let you know. Will that tell me what is the culprit?

  kwalters 09:53 10 May 2004

It happened to me when I upgraded to Windows XP. The culprit is my graphics card (an Elsa Gladiac 511 PCI twin view) for which XP drivers were never written before the firm went into liquidation. There are Windows 2000 drivers on the installation disc but they don't work. The alternative driver suggested by Microsoft is for an NVidia MX 400. This loses the twin monitor option and will only work with the hardware acceleration set to lowest level (so not much point in having all that RAM on the card.

To check if your problem, too, is graphics driver related, disable the device in device manager (having set your display properties to a relatively low figure (say 800X600X16bit)) then reboot to Windows XP. If you dont get a display at all, reboot again but hit the F8 button just before the Windows logo appears, and hold it until you get another menu. Select "enable VGA"

If the problem does not recur, at least you have narrowed it down to the graphics driver as i have done.

Incidentally, my freezes were so violent that Ctrl-Alt-delete would not bring up Progman and I had to keep shutting the power off (and sitting through scandisk) each time.

I now know I need a new driver for my graphics card or a new graphics card. But at least I can do undemanding work on the machine without constantly freezing


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