Regular Norton Firewall alert

  Thomo1 00:09 10 Dec 2004

It sounds like it is legitimate but i frequently get this alert, and my FW automatically blocks communication with the designated IP address.

The alert is:

Unused windows service block was detected and blocked.

Could somebody explain to me tho what unused windows service block is please.

  wx622 08:53 10 Dec 2004

I think this is the Telnet service running, and someone is possibly exploiting a security breach in Windows. Download latest updates and SPs, and disable the Telnet service.(Go to Start, Run, type services.msc, scroll down to Telnet, right-click, go to Properties, and on the drop-down list, select Disabled and click Apply)

If not, run this tool:
(Only if you are not running Windows NT, 2000, or XP)
click here

If this doesn't help, I will think about it some more.

  Thomo1 18:24 10 Dec 2004

just checked, telnet is already disabled m8.

  Kegger 19:03 10 Dec 2004

Hi Thomo1,
i don't use NIS due to its earlier incarnations causing mucho grief to a couple of friends PC's which i then had to fix.

on another note have you started your cousins re-build yet? i will be about if you need advice

  Thomo1 19:11 10 Dec 2004

Hi there.

Dunno what it is thats triggering the alertbut its preety frequent!!!!!

As for re-build. I am leaving it for a few days as i have to dash away tomo early morning to the sunny delights of Devon and i dont want to leave a half done cpu in the little madamms hands!!!

  Thomo1 19:13 10 Dec 2004

sorry wx622, i forgot to mention all my windows updates are all up to date!!!

and all my protection progs are all up to date.

  Thomo1 00:31 14 Dec 2004

bump in the night!!!!!

Anybody have any thought as to what this alert is trying to tell me please???


  Thomo1 13:34 20 Dec 2004

still nobody can help me??????

ive done a google search, searched the symantec site cant find nout, any clever ppl out there???

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:42 20 Dec 2004

Turn off the alerts, they will not be hackers and will be a server or two checking your connection. The alerts are useless.


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