Regseeker-When's it safe to delete back up file?

  dagwoood 02:51 01 Aug 2004

Having read various threads on using Regseeker I've taken the plunge and ran it, deleting all of the problems it found(nearly 500). I then ran NTREGOPT to compact my registry.

As per advice given on another thread, I created a backup of my registry on my desktop using regedit>file>export.

I'd be grateful for some advice on how long I should keep the registry back up for before I delete it.

(When I ran Regseeker, I ticked the option box for Regseeker to create a backup in addition to the complete registry backup).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Chegs ® 05:23 01 Aug 2004

Belt&Braces,keep both backups indefinately.Once you are 100% sure that you have checked everything you have installed,still works,then you can think about deleting them.I have had software quit ages after I had removed registry items. :-)

  dagwoood 12:33 01 Aug 2004

Thanks for the reply.

I wasn't going to delete the backup that Regseeker generates as the size of the file isn't very large, it's the full registry backup I wandered when it's safe to delete as it's just over 40MB in size and it could sit on my desktop and never have to be used(I hope!).

Thanks again, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 23:02 01 Aug 2004

Any advice further to Chegs ® would be appreciated.

Cheers, dagwoood.

P.S. Chegs ®, I'm not ignoring your advice, just wandered if any other members had anything else to add.

  GaT7 23:45 01 Aug 2004

Please tell us what OS you're using. Ta, G

  dagwoood 23:50 01 Aug 2004

Sorry Crossbow7, it's windows XP Pro.


  GaT7 00:51 02 Aug 2004

I'm aware some members whole-heartedly recommend RegSeeker (RS) while others are not so sure - click here.

For WinXP, RegScrubXP (click here) may be a better option.

As you're using WinXP, if you have System Restore enabled you don't need to bother backing up your ENTIRE registry each time you run RS[click here & click on 'What is or is not restored on my computer when I use System Restore?']. So you can safely delete the full registry backup you made. But do keep the 'Backup before deletion' option ticked & the RS backups you've made so far in case of problems in the future. HTH, G

PS - I've used RegSeeker (on Win98se) & find the cleaning too aggressive. Also, some of the entries it wants to delete are wrong/debateable. No 'registry cleaner' is perfect.

  dagwoood 01:41 02 Aug 2004

Crossbow7, thanks for the links and advice.

I'd always wandered what data xp system restore actualy saved, didn't realise it held data for all the registry.

I planned on always letting RS create backup's before I made any deletions, and as these files aren't very large, I wasn't going to delete them.

As per your first link(I made a posting on that thread by the way. Spooky.), I was aware of the difference in PCA members opinions about RS, and had read other threads about it. The general consensus about registry cleaners seems to be if your using this type of s/w, make a backup of the registry, so that's what I did.

Again, thanks for the help, dagwoood.

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