Regseeker help needed

  tonyx1302 13:38 13 Sep 2004

After I have run Regseeker....excellent free prog....I get four icons on my desktop. They are, Backup/History/Language and regfav.

I delete them all except Backup obviously as it contains stuff deleted from running the prog.

My question is,how do I stop the icons from appearing on my desktop after every run.

I am on B/B with XP Pro

Thanks for any help offered


  rawprawn 14:44 13 Sep 2004

I can't work out how you got them on the desktop in the first place. Are you sure it's RegSeeker.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:54 13 Sep 2004

same problem here,

its also very agressive i find.

  rawprawn 15:03 13 Sep 2004

Just a thought, Why not uninstall, delete all desktop icons you attribute to it, then reinstall. If you are worried about the backups copy them to another folder but I find it quite safe to delete the anyway.

  tonyx1302 15:53 13 Sep 2004

Hi rawprawn. Thanks for coming back with your post. Yes it is Regseeker (v 1.35) and have just tried your suggestion and re installed the prog, but the icons still come back.
can you think of any ideas I could try


  rawprawn 16:41 13 Sep 2004

I'm sorry, I have been trying to put icons from Regseeker onto my desktop without any success at all, and there is no way to configure it that I can see.Just one question when you installed it did you choose to load it to My desktop rather than C:/program files, that is the only way that I can see it might happen. Other than that I am at a total loss.

  rawprawn 16:46 13 Sep 2004

I'm sorry I have been trying to put icons on my desktop from Regseeker without any success,and there is no way to configure it that I can see. The only possibility that I can think of is when you installed it did you choose my desktop as the destination folder rather than C: prorgram files. Other than that I am at a total loss.

  rawprawn 16:48 13 Sep 2004

Excuse the double post I thought that I had lost the first one.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 16:55 13 Sep 2004

you got it when i d/l'd it it was saved to desktop, an i seem to remember running it from there. i think this must be what Breitling must have also done.



  tonyx1302 17:01 13 Sep 2004

Hi .Me again. I have downloaded three or four times now and still have the same problem. Whwen I download it first I don't open it but click on save. I save it in 'My Docs'. I then click on the R/S icon in My Docs and then open the folder which opens up 12 over icons1 Where do I go from there please? which one do I open ?
Thanks again for your help and patience


  rawprawn 17:08 13 Sep 2004

When you download to My Documents just double click on the Regseeker download icon, dont open any folders it should just take you straight to set up. If you have further problems I will download it again myself and try to see what you are doing wrong.Unfortunately I am going out to a dinner tonight and I need to get ready and I don't have much time, but if I can't solve it this evening I will look again tomorrow.

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