regseeker 1.5

  sunnystaines 18:20 11 Sep 2009

been trying out a few reg cleaners a few have recommended this one.

just after feedback on the auto clean on the registry'

there are some useful tools in this program.

  Input Overload 19:33 11 Sep 2009

I have tried it a few times but personally found it a little to robust for my liking. IMHO care needs to be taken as what you delete as I think it messed my registry up on one occasion. I use WinRescue registry backup program so it wasn't an issue, I also use Acronis backup also.

But if you have no registry backups make one before using this program (or any registry cleaner for that matter). I know some users on PCA have used RegSeeker for years with no problems so I could be a little paranoid.

  sunnystaines 19:36 11 Sep 2009


  sunnystaines 13:03 12 Sep 2009

regseeker cured a lot of long standing problems,.

looking useful on to keep alongside registry first aid that was posted a few days ago.

these two are better than eusing & winaso

  Input Overload 15:02 12 Sep 2009

I might give it another whirl sunnystaines.

  Muergo 18:40 12 Sep 2009

After a recommendation on this Helproom, on the 22/23/24 Aug, there was a two page debate, I installed eusing, but still not sure whether it is doing any better, I have just been actioning every item it throws up, but still have three or four error messages on reboot, but they don't seem to have affected my usage? yet!!

This current discussion is causing me more indecision.

  rdave13 18:57 12 Sep 2009

Interesting. I noted your problems with regscrubvistaxp. Like you I thought Winaso not very good, eventually, even though I bought the product. As for regseeker 1.5 I might try it at a later date. Thanks for the information.

  sunnystaines 21:10 12 Sep 2009

i thought winaso was ok except for hp reg keys
and eusing was my top dog.

if you delete a program with revo or ccleaner reboot then use regseeker to search the program for outstanding reg keys you will be surprised what it finds.

biggest bugbear it fixed for me had it ages, kept getting odd installs which relate to microsoft sql insert disc when there is no discs with the sony laptop.

also brought up a lot of billp studio entries which i found related to winpatrol i deleted 18 months ago with revo and run umteen reg checkers since.

  rdave13 21:23 12 Sep 2009

Again thanks for the information. Never liked winpatrol either.
If you'll use regseeker 1.5 for some time and get no ill effects but possibly benefits for it I would certainly be grateful for any more posts from you regarding the software. Regscrub cleans the PC but re-installing Ccleaner and running its reg cleaner finds some basic registry items left behind.

  Input Overload 19:59 13 Sep 2009

Well I ran RegSeeker & only removed green items & now all Office 2007 ask me for my initials. A quick reg restore with WinRescue sorted the issue. I did try.

  sunnystaines 20:08 13 Sep 2009

i use office 2007 [word&excel]

have only deleted green in general scan, but on checking for left over entries from deleted programs [best feature] i delete everything.

just tested word and excel after reading your comments and was able to open and save no problems even tried with new docs too.

sorry it messed up after i mentioned it.

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