RegScrub XP Issue

  SURVEY 13:05 31 Dec 2006

I use RegScrub XP from time to time and it appears to work efficiently. However, after requesting the program to 'Fix all Issues' and then re-running the program, it always returns two issues that it obviously cannot 'fix’. These issues are under ‘Major Keys’ Software/Microsoft/SAPI/Layer and Major Keys/Software/Microsoft/Speech. Both issues report ‘no values or subkeys for this key’.

Is there a way to resolve these two matters?

  QuizMan 13:39 31 Dec 2006

Just tried it and got the SAPI/Layer one too. However mine was fixed without problem. SAPI & Speech are connected and relate to soundcard and speech recognition. Both are Microsoft entries so it's nothing to get too concerned about.

  SURVEY 14:12 31 Dec 2006

Quizman. Thanks for your reply. Mine also says that the problem is fixed, yet as soon as I rerun the program the same two problems are reported. I am not overly concerned but it would just be nice to know how to permanently resolve the reporting of these two matters.

  spuds 16:31 31 Dec 2006

I could be wrong, but perhaps the ignore box as been ticked/unticked!.

  SURVEY 16:38 31 Dec 2006

Spuds. Thanks for your response. I realise that I could set these two matters to be 'Excluded'and have in fact done so. I was just curious as to what the two problems may be and what (if anything) could be done to correct them. Thanks anyway!

  QuizMan 17:13 31 Dec 2006

SURVEY - you're right, mine's come back to haunt me too. Shan't be losing sleep over it though. Sorry, but can't be much more help on this one.

  SURVEY 17:17 31 Dec 2006

I shall mark this as Resolved but would still be interested if anyone can add anything to the query.

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