Registry/shortcut errors etc.

  muddypaws 11:31 28 Sep 2007

When I had Norton ( which I got rid of a month or so ago) I used to use part of the Systemworks that checked for Windows errors, shortcut errors etc. Is there a single programme that has the same facility as Norton had. It's the only thing I miss.!!!
I have registry cleaner, but always a bit wary of that.

  ambra4 12:20 28 Sep 2007

Check this one have used for the last 2 years both in the office and home never had any problems

click here

  muddypaws 18:34 28 Sep 2007

Had a look at your link, but got a red McAfee warning on it so closed it. Is it safe?

  Technotiger 18:36 28 Sep 2007

I just opened ambra4's link to test - I got no warnings of any kind. It is safe!

  muddypaws 18:40 28 Sep 2007

Just looked again and read the warning which says ' Overall concern with shoppers at this site'.
No further details.
So not anything malicious.
Thanks. Will revisit and browse.

  ambra4 23:58 28 Sep 2007

Don’t trust McAfee and Norton AntiVirus software so I do not use them

As seen to many problems with these installed on company network system

I use Symantec Antivirus and do not use IE only Firefox.

In the days before Firefox 95% of all virus was installed via IE, Mcafee and norton do not pick up most malware or spyware virus or give you some weird warning on sites that is very safe and no warning on site that would load a virus

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