Registry Patrol is it a scam or not

  hgrock 08:25 14 Jan 2009

has anyone who have used Registry Patrol recently been able to contact them after buying this product. I purchased it but got no joy getting it to run, all i got was error 7 out of memory, loads of emails to them brought no responce except the usual automated one saying my querry was recieved.
the program worked when testing but most of the features were disabled, since buying it nothing works. i was lucky i recieved my unlock code immediately after purchase. have you had any better luck with them?

  Technotiger 08:30 14 Jan 2009

On the face of it, this appears to be something of a Scam, in this link there is an address from which to try and receive a refund click here

  birdface 09:54 14 Jan 2009

Its not a program that I would have bought.A lot of folk with the same problem as yourself trying to get their money back with no response.My computer will not even let me in to their Home page web Site.Somehow I don't fancy your chances of getting a refund.But if you do.Let us know.Best freebie I would say is Winaso Optimizer followed by C Cleaner and Using.[All free.]

  audeal 12:44 14 Jan 2009

It is never wise to pay for these kind of software, most are unsatisfactory or totaly useless. Who needs to pay for software when their is so much good FREE software about.

  provider 2 12:52 14 Jan 2009

SpywareRemove doesn`t seem to be too happy about it:

click here

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware should remove it. Run it in Safe Mode.

  User-1229748 13:23 14 Jan 2009

if you've paid for this product they now have your bank details which is all they were after,you'll need to inform your bank.

  birdface 14:19 14 Jan 2009

Hi.Got a full screen warning from WOT for that click here you gave .Any ideas.I think it was you that recommended WOT.So not sure if it is a bad site or not.

  User-1229748 14:27 14 Jan 2009

scroll down to see description of registry patrolclick here

  provider 2 15:03 14 Jan 2009


You`ve got me wondering now. I`ve never had any problem with SpywareRemove and yes, I did recommend WOT to you. No warnings from Avast about it at all.

Two things come to mind. SpywareRemove doesn`t mince about when it comes to condemning stuff if they think it`s dodgy. I can`t imagine the makers of spyware are too fond of the site, though.

It does recommend SpywareHunter rather a lot, but there is nothing wrong with that either as far as I know.

It would be interesting to know why WOT has put it in this category.

  provider 2 15:42 14 Jan 2009


... just been Googling a bit and I can find no reference to the SpywareRemove site being in any way suspect.

I`m wondering now if there has been a mix-up of some sort to do with the EXACT name ... capital letters, spaces etc, you know the sort of thing that might have led to this kind of confusion?

  birdface 15:54 14 Jan 2009

You could be right.Either that it was a full screen page wanting me to rate it.but it would probably do that for most sites that have not been rated.I got out quick just to be in the safe side.

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