Registry patrol

  littlestan 14:14 22 Aug 2010

HI chaps and chapesses - anyone heard of Registry Patrol and is it any good?? Trying to speed up my computer and need some help as although I have posted help on this before, my pc is still so slow to boot up and get onto the internet but then its not too bad. I have tried taking things off start up but to be honest i dont really know what i'm doing or looking for and need a prog that is free and might help me? cheers LS

  Nontek 14:48 22 Aug 2010

I guess you are thinking of click here
a great little program, very useful.

  birdface 14:54 22 Aug 2010

An old thread.
Stay away I would think.

click here

  rawprawn 15:16 22 Aug 2010

WinPatrol is one of the best free programs about. In fact I would not only recomend it, but I would suggest upgrading to WinPaqtrol Plus.

  birdface 15:20 22 Aug 2010

Open your recycle bin and delete anything that is in it.
Then download Winaso Optimizer free trial.
That will last forever but it will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.
it has other programs with it that come in useful.

click here

Using that should make your computer run quicker.

If you can post your other thread on here so we can see what other suggestions that you have had.

  Nontek 15:22 22 Aug 2010

Your link was an old thread - but this is a new thread!

  birdface 15:27 22 Aug 2010

WinPatrol maybe a program that will help after you have your computer running better.
But it is completely different from Registry Patrol so do not get confused.
I like the others use Winpatrol but it is not a registry cleaner.

  rawprawn 15:30 22 Aug 2010

As per Nontek's link, as buteman says nothing at all to do with Registry Patrol about which I know nothing.

  birdface 15:31 22 Aug 2010

He was asking about Registry Patrol and I gave him an old thread to see what others thought of it.
Maybe it is you that is getting mixed up as he was not asking about Winpatrol.
They are 2 different programs.

  birdface 15:36 22 Aug 2010

Winpatrol Plus free if you are unemployed.

click here
That was not for littlestan but for anyone interested.

  littlestan 18:35 22 Aug 2010

Listen you lot you are so helpful. How stupid am I! I have never double clicked on the scottie and when i did i could see what was running at start up - which in all honesty was really not a lot so that stuffs that one. Thanks Buteman I will download the Winaso optimizer - not sure what it will do but trust you so will give it a go.

As I said i have this as an ongoing problem and I try and live with it most of the time but then it gets the better of me and like most things it gets very annoying when it takes ages to boot up and to get onto the internet and i just cannot get to the bottom of it. My daughter is a bit tecky minded and has helped all she can but is afraid to take stuff off that may be damaging. GRRRRRR ! Thanks anyways and I'll keep trying

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