Registry optimisers query

  exwirecutter 13:57 26 Feb 2008

Why is it , when you run registry optimisers , or boosters etc. they claim to have repaired all the problems , yet when you run a different cleaner they find another hundred or so faulty keys. Assuming you have selected the scan all option , how do they all come up with conflicting results ??

  BurrWalnut 15:09 26 Feb 2008

Isn’t it odd that registry cleaners find new problems every time you run it? Bear in mind that many registry keys are dependent on others. Sometimes this relationship is nested deep in the hierarchy. The registry cleaner finds the lowest entry in the chain which appears to be invalid and deletes it. Next time you run the registry cleaner it finds the next entry in the chain which is now invalid and deletes it. This continues every time you run the registry cleaner until the keys for that program are completely messed up.

Some registry cleaner programs highlight simple orphaned keys, i.e. deleted and renamed files, giving the impression they have found many serious problems. Others concentrate on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive which relates to a specific user, which, in some circumstances, can survive being corrupted as a new account can be created and the old one deleted. In my opinion, these cleaners must have a backup facility in order to correct any keys removed erroneously and they should only be used by someone experienced with registry keys/structures.

  skidzy 15:44 26 Feb 2008

Simple fact really as BurrWalnut says.

No matter what software you choose to use,others will always find something that has been missed.Lets not forget,upon a reboot of the system some of these registry strings are recreated and will be found again and again depending on the software installed and if the entries have been totally removed...which is very rare.

Simple test of this is to run something like ccleaner (registry) and then run Reg Mechanic (excellent piece of kit).

I had a major uninstallation process last night and ran ccleaner,this cleared a lot of obsolete or orphaned entries,then i ran Reg Mechanic and this found several more...actually a lot more.
Then followed by a manual registry search cleared up the mess to the best of my knowledge.

If you do not know your way around the registry very well,use caution and backup the registry first.
Always create a restore point first.
Backup the registry.
Never use a registry cleaner that does not provide a restore/backup function !!

Depending how aggressive the cleaner is,it is possible that running some registry cleaners will prevent the computer from booting up.

Stick to what is tried and tested.

Always BACKUP first !

  Totally-braindead 15:48 26 Feb 2008

Agree with the others, some programs will find stuff the others miss.

Its a bit like Malware programs some will find what others will miss and would miss stuff that the others would catch.

No program is 100% it can't be as there are too many variables.

  exwirecutter 10:46 27 Feb 2008

Thank you gentlemen all , you pretty much confirmed what I suspected , it seems the registry always
retains remnants no matter which cleaner you use .

Appreciated .

  supertechgeek 08:24 08 Apr 2008

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  JasonZBell 04:52 01 May 2008

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