Registry Mechanic

  susiepops 23:52 24 Aug 2007

A regular user of free Registry Mechanic under XP seeks similar that will run under Vista. Tried and teste recommendation will be appreciated.

  birdface 00:04 25 Aug 2007

Hi,I have had free registry mechanic, And I can tell you that C Cleaner makes as good as job,I have now deleted r/m and just use C Cleaner,Now unfortunately I do not know if it works on Vista.But works well on XP.

  [email protected] 00:15 25 Aug 2007

winaso repairs 10 at a time works well on xp includes vista according to link
click here

  birdface 07:24 25 Aug 2007

Just a quick up-date with C Cleaner it is usable with Vista.Also The Ravens selection of Winaso comes highly recommended.

  rawprawn 07:39 25 Aug 2007

WinAso is worth buying!

  sunny staines 09:04 25 Aug 2007

i used free reg mechanic 5 till a few months go now changed to winaso, eusing, ccleaner, & awc2. and find using these 4 together do an excellent job.

  setecio 11:12 25 Aug 2007

If you don't mind me asking .... how do you determine whether any of these registry cleaners do a good job ?

... I use ccleaner, and just take it on blind faith that it knows what it is doing as it deletes redundant reg entries etc.

  SANTOS7 11:17 25 Aug 2007

researching the product would help, downloading any old guff that claims to make your PC run better is asking for trouble and that is where forums like PCA
come to fruition, The progs that are reccommended on here are usually tried and tested and the default settings are design ed to do exactly what you want them to do...

  sunny staines 11:18 25 Aug 2007


after running the reg checkers there is a noticeable difference in the speed of programs opening up on the computer, it kills that sluggishness they sometimes get.

some reg checkers seems to find dead links that others don't.

tried about a dozen different reg checkers and settled for these four. free reg mechanic 5 was good but was often unable to some of the errors it found.

  sunny staines 12:37 25 Aug 2007

should read fix errors it found

  setecio 13:05 25 Aug 2007

ok, thanks sunny.

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