Registry Error - Blue screeen of death

  tallboy 15:15 19 Jul 2009

Following a rather 'torturous' Windows XP Repair, all was working well until Hippo (The online software monitoring website) informed me that there was a new version of Windows Media Player available (Version 11). After downloading it, I set about installing it - having previously created a Restore Point. All seemed to be going OK until I got to the end of the install and WMP install program told me that the install had not worked and that I could try installing it again at a later date.

A few hours later (after a power-down), I switched on my PC only to be welcomed by the 'Blue Screen of Death' with the heading 'Registry Error' and the error number 0x000000051. I tried to start the PC again using first 'The last known working setup' followed by Safe Mode. In both cases I was returned to the 'Blue Screen of Death.'

On the third attempt the PC opened up the BIOS window at the CPU setting tab and displayed the message 'During your last boot-up your system hung for an improper CPU speed' The CPU speed showed 1400MHz, which is correct for my PC. (A Mesh Althon 1.4GHz) I'm not sure why it would display this message (unless it is co-incidence that I now have a CPU hardware error - the PC is 8 years old).

Since I now seem to be in a 'Blue Screen of Death loop' (as Safe Mode will not work) how do I get back to an earlier restore point - which will hopefully override the Registry Error or take other action to fix the problem?

(If it helps, I have an O&O image disk which would enable me to explore the drives / files using Windows PE from a CD / RAM installation)

All suggestions welcome. Thanks

  T0SH 16:04 19 Jul 2009

Not sure on your CPU, but often AMD quote an intel equivalent speed which does not always mean their CPU is capable of running at this speed

Check with AMD on the clock speed and the multiplier setting for your exact model CPU

Also often the BIOS has an Auto Option in the CPU setup which means the BIOS autodetects the CPU model and sets it accordingly

Cheers HC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 19 Jul 2009

Boot to the command prompt and type:


Press Enter and follow the on-screen prompts to restore to an earlier date/time

if will not boot to command prompt then:

Restore from recovery console

boot from the XP CD. Start Windows Setup and press R to access the recovery console. Select your Windows installation, then type the administrator password – press Enter if there isn't one.
Now enter the following commands:

CD C:\
CD "system volume information\_resto~1"

You'll see a list of restore point folders with names such as RP1, RP2 and so on. Pick the restore point you wish to use, using the folder date stamps to guide you. Enter the commands:

CD RPx (the restore point you chose)

This takes you into the folder containing the restore point snapshot files. Copy the Registry backups so that they overwrite the existing Registry files.

COPY _Registry_machine_system C:\Windows\System32\Config\System
COPY _Registry_machine_software C:\Windows\System32\Config\Software
COPY _Registry_machine_sam C:\Windows\System32\Config\Sam
COPY _Registry_machine_security C:\Windows\System32\Config\Security
COPY _Registry_user_.default C:\Windows\System32\Config\Default

Type the command exit to close the Recovery Console and restart the PC.

You may be able to do the above by using your PE disk to copy the relevant files to the C:\Windows \system32\Config folder

  tallboy 16:15 19 Jul 2009

Thanks for the quick response Tosh - I'll check out the AMD settings.

I guess the $64,000 question is, what would have changed the CPU settings? (Assuming that they have got changed.) They have been the same for the past 8 years - through 4 re-installed (Win98, Win2000 and XP twice) so I can't see why they would have 'suffered' a change now!

I don't think there is an CPU Auto setting in the Award BIOS that Mesh use. (There are lots of Auto settings in the BIOS, but CPU set-up is not one of them.) From memory the settings are Manual (speed & multiplier), 1.0GHz and 1.4GHz. I tried setting it to 1.0GHz, but I still had the same problem.

  tallboy 16:53 19 Jul 2009

Many thanks for the detailed instructions Fruit Bat. I'll go through those this evening.

Incidentally Tosh, I just found a hand written note I made a couple of years ago before I upgraded the Award BIOS. This has CPU speed 1400Mhz, Freq multipe 10.5 and Freq 133/33MHz - which is what they are now, so nothing has changed that.

I'll work through Fruit Bat's instructions and report back.

  tallboy 21:47 19 Jul 2009

I'm pleased to report that after following Fruit Bat's detailed instructions, I now have a working PC once again.

In the event I had to use the Microsoft XP installation disk to access the Command Prompt as the way the O&O Disk Image CD is set up (with Windows PE) you cannot get access to the Command Prompt.

Thanks again for your help Fruit Bat & Tosh

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