Registry Editor

  goll_y 19:31 11 Mar 2003

When I start up my computer now I get the following message comes up -

"Registry Editor: cannot import C:\WINNIT\sp.reg: Error opening the file. There maybe a disk or file system error"

I'm not sure what to do. I'm quite new to the technical side of computers so some step by step guidelines to sort this out would be really helpful. Thanks

  woodchip 19:48 11 Mar 2003

If you are new at computing, then you are treading in a minefield. And you would do well to keep clear of the Regedit until you know what you are doing

  woodchip 19:50 11 Mar 2003

What Operating Systen XP or 98 or ME

  woodchip 19:51 11 Mar 2003

It's got to be XP so I will leave it to some one more into XP like Vog

  temp003 05:48 12 Mar 2003

Have you recently got a virus/Trojan? The virus in question puts an entry into the registry to run every time you start Windows (to reset your IE Homepage or other things by using regedit), using the files sp.reg and sp.dll in your Windows folder.

It may be that your anti-virus program has removed the files, but the registry key remains. So every time you start Windows, it tries to run but cannot find the sp.reg file, hence the error message.

If you haven't scanned your computer for viruses, do so now.

Do two more things (1) remove the rogue registry startup entry (2) remove the rogue files.

Since your Windows folder is called WINNT, you're likely using Windows 2000, which hasn't got msconfig.

If you use any startup utility, use it to remove the registry Run entry. The key name is probably just sp, the value is regedit -s C:\WINNT\sp.reg. There may be some variation but sp.reg is the reference you're looking for.

Delete this startup item.

If you don't have a startup utility, download one. I use Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel click here After installing it, double click the Startup icon in Control Panel, click the various tabs (likely to be HKLM/Run) to look for an item
called sp, and the path is regedit -s C:\WINNT\sp.reg. Then right click the item and select Delete. Then go to the deleted tab and delete it from there as well.

You can also remove the registry entry manually, but better leave it to your startup manager.

Then go to the C:\WINNT folder in My Computer or Explorer. Click Tools, Folder Options, view. Tick Show all hidden files and folders, untick hide file extensions for all known file types, and untick hide protected operating system files. Click OK.

Then look for the files sp.reg and sp.dll in the WINNT folder. If you find them, delete them. They may no longer be there. Don't confuse them with some valid Windows files, like sp3res.dll

Just to make sure, click Start, Search for Files and folders. Put in sp.reg and sp.dll to search for them on your computer. If you find them anywhere else on your computer, delete them as well.

Then go back to IE to see if the Home page is OK. Another thing which might have changed is the IE Search Url. Click search in IE to see if your default search engine appears. If it's changed to some other website, post back.

  gourdis 15:54 11 Nov 2003

folks in msconfig, can anyone tell me what the following relates too??

start up item command

dumprep 0 -k %systemroot\ -%\ system32\ dumprep 0 -k

is it to do with my soundcard??

  temp003 00:35 12 Nov 2003

Next time you should start a new thread.

dumprep is the Microsoft minidump reporting tool after a crash. You can tick if off from msconfig.

If you get a message asking you to report a serious error to Microsoft every time you start up, even though there has been no crash, click here

If this post doesnn't help you and you need further help, start a new thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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