Registry Corruption

  squillary 20:03 18 May 2006

After getting a dialog box saying something like "Software class is full. Any further additions will be ignored" I rebooted my machine last Friday and ended up in a loop of reboots. Last good boot didn't work and neither did any kind of system restore. I managed to get in ok using 'Safe Boot with Networking' and ran every virus program, Norton utility, regcleaner, spyware and adware utility I had. Disabling the automatic reboot option I eventually discovered this error message exactly described click here

I don't have a Windows disk - only an OEM version of XP SP1 in my I386 folder and a recovery disk - so trying to reinstall something from there onto my current SP2 upgrade or follow the other suggestions on that page simply didn't work. I ended up wading through the Registry to find the problem and discovered it in the Autocomplete entry of WMP in both HKEY_Current_User and HKEY_USERS. In each case, simply trying to enter the folder resulted in an instantaneous and quite spectacular crash. Someone sent me Reg files of their own registry settings for these folders, and they seemed to install ok, but didn't allow me to boot any easier nor enter the registry folders. In the end I decided to uninstall everything to do with WMP and add-ons for it and see if that helped.

After doing so, I successfully managed to enter those parts of the registry, so having stepped through every single other folder (yes, EVERY one!) in the registry, I decided to export all the five hives and go for another reboot. HKEY_USERS saved ok, but HKEY_Current_User resulted in another explosive crash. It seems, the corruption moved to another folder. Now I'm thinking that the problem is down to bad sectors on the disk itself.

For completeness, I should add that I'm back in ok now, but only on the basis that I schedule chkdsk /f /v /r on every single reboot. Supposedly that should fix both the registry corruption and mark bad HD sectors, but while it lets me hit the desktop on a one-time basis it doesn't fix it for the next occasion.

So, my question is to ask what I do next. Is there some utility that'll tidy up the registry once and for all or do I opt to replace the hard drive itself at the earliest opportunity.

Any advice (really ANY) would be much appreciated. I feel like the whole computer could go completely belly-up on me at any instant. Today I've lost my Password Manager software containing all my passwords for everything. I have a back-up, but what will be next!

  remind 20:52 18 May 2006

back up your documents ASAP if you haven't already
if you have broadband; click here 2gb free, easy to install and set up

check your hard drive for damage with manufacturer's here

format and re-install xp, sounds like you've had enough problems to warrant a fresh install already

  squillary 04:24 22 May 2006

Thanks for the rapid reply and sorry for the long wait before logging back on here.

I was jittery enough before your reply, but in the absence of any alternative suggestions or anyone contradicting you (and my own concerns in the first place) I think I've just gone over the edge!

Ok. Time to take this properly seriously now. Thanks again.

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