registry cleaning software

  gul 19:30 05 Apr 2003

Any ideas for some good registry cleaning software.

I have some refernces on my XP pro system to an old netgear FA310 network card which is not allowing me to install NTL broadband using the ethernit option

  Dr. Charles 19:37 05 Apr 2003

If you don`t know how to sort out your registry I would use a programme like you suggest with great caution. Whatever you do make a backup and a copy of your current registry.I don`t know if "Reg Clean" might help you, but its as good as anything, and its free



  tippucat 19:38 05 Apr 2003

I use 'ashampoo' that I got as freeware. Seems to do the trick. Not sure whether this fully answers all of the question, though?

  AndySD 19:42 05 Apr 2003

click here power tools is one of the best there is.

  Belatucadrus 19:43 05 Apr 2003

click here for a selection of freeware registry tools, the best are JV16 Powertools & RegscrubXP.

  Patr100 19:55 05 Apr 2003

I occasionally use RegCleaner from here click here

  gul 20:27 05 Apr 2003

I tried all the above programs

Yje adequately get rid of the entries to the FA310 NIC but Outlook Express stops working

I understand that I might have to get hold of the old card and install it in the machine and then through device manager uninstall the drivers

Thanks all

Any other ideas welcome

  AndySD 20:36 05 Apr 2003

Try Going Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose Command Promp.

At the Prompt type in

ipconfig /release

and hit Enter

Type in

ipconfig /flushdns

and hit enter

Type in

ipconfig /renew

and hit enter

It may well solve your problem.

  harryuk 20:40 05 Apr 2003

use usb for broadband it's better try right click on my computer properties device manager disable it if it is there

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