Registry Cleaners and Vista 64bit advice please.

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 18:14 16 Oct 2009


I was woundering is it worth or good idea to use Registry Cleaners?

I use to use PC Tools Registry Mecenic on my old XP Pro pc... Then it ran out and not bothed to renew etc. I now have a nice new pc that i built myself no registry cleaner installed or ever used... I looked on Pc Tools site today and it on about does your pc crash , slow etc... Mine is not slow :) yet had the odd lock up this last few days in games... How ever all my drivers are update for

Grahics card
Sound card

etc etc....

So would a registry scanner fix my crashes?

On old pc it use to find 400 errors etc stuff that was not even on pc for example that I taken off weeks before on old pc... New pc never had a scan...

Any ideas advice would be greatful

I dont even know if the pc tools one works on 64bir Vista cant see it any were on site..

Thank you for reading..

  Kevscar1 18:48 16 Oct 2009

Download CCcleaner not only will it clear your cookies and history it has it's own registry cleaner

  Deekio 19:11 16 Oct 2009

I run Vista 64bit As Kevscar says run CCleaner
also Eusing Free Reg Cleaner. No problems
run CC first then Eusing. Cheers.

Thanks guys fir reply...

How registry cleaners worth it though?

  OTT_Buzzard 14:09 18 Oct 2009

Are registry cleaners worth it?

No. I certainly wouldn't pay for one. As CClean has one for free it won't usually do any harm to use t.

  richpeck 16:43 07 Nov 2009

You can see the best Vista registry cleaners here:
click here

  User-1229748 16:48 07 Nov 2009

wouldn't mind betting that thats a moody link

  Input Overload 18:45 07 Nov 2009

I actually did a bit of a test when I installed Vista on a new PC. I booted without cleaning the registry. Then I cleaned the registry with JV16 which I have a forever licence for & it booted quicker & was more responsive. Not exactly scientific but enough for me.

On here there are those who think cleaners help & those that don't. Take your pick.

  sagitos 19:04 07 Nov 2009

you can try Win7Zilla for Registry Cleaner

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