JAMSARNNIE 11:40 01 Mar 2007

Can anyone please tell me how to stop annoying pop-ups that keep telling me my computer is under threat unless I download and install their registry cleaners? I have a perfectly good one already installed. I would be grateful for any help as I am nearing baldness due to pulling my hair out.

  stephen0205 11:45 01 Mar 2007

well that think that u have is kinda viruses, spyware , its a b****** to get rid of them, em whats the name of the software , does it tell u that some file is under attack or something is currupt at the bottom of the screen where the clock is.

  MMN DESIGN 15:31 01 Mar 2007

Download adaware by Lavasoft. First and foremost is the fact that immediately after an installation of Windows xp, you already have 9 adware, spyware programs installed. Go to and download their free version of Adaware Personal. Read carefully thru the settings and do a complete scan. Good Luck

  MMN DESIGN 15:33 01 Mar 2007

Secondly, there is no such thing as a good registry cleaner. The best registry cleaner, is no registry cleaner. Until you fully and completely understand the significance and the internal workings of the registry, i strongly reccomend in leaving well enough alone.

  rawprawn 15:38 01 Mar 2007

click here
Download Spyware Terminator, it is an excellent free program and gives real time protection

  Salut 16:13 01 Mar 2007

Have you tried CCCleaner?click here

It is very reliable. I have used it for some while and have no experience of problems, further, it does what it says on the tin!

  FatboySlim71 16:38 01 Mar 2007

Another vote here for C Cleaner, it will clean the registry and clean out all the temp internet files. I have used C Cleaner for nearly 3 years and I have never had any problems with it cleaning the registry etc.

  Gongoozler 17:15 01 Mar 2007

Ccleaner is very good for cleaning up old temp files and suchlike, but is very unlikely to help with your pop-up problem. Much more likely to help is Ewido omline scan click here and/or A-Squared free click here

  JAMSARNNIE 22:17 05 Mar 2007

Thanks everyone but a big thanks to Gongoozler for his tip on A Squared, installed and run it and I have had no irritating pop-ups since.
By the way my hair is starting to grow back lol.

  dogbreath1 22:21 05 Mar 2007

"i strongly reccomend in leaving well enough alone".

Personally, I think you are wrong. So, to put the record straight, please justify your claim.

  JasonZBell 19:34 05 May 2008

The best registry cleaner I have used is called RegCure. Bought it from click here

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