Registry Cleaners

  carryduff 10:51 23 Jan 2007

What are the facts about registry and windows cleaners? Are bought ones better than freeware?
There are lots of these programs on the market at the moment but it's really confusing to someone like myself having to choose which is the best one to install.Surely it can't be a matter of personal preference? after all, they do the job or they don't. I've tried a few of the freeware ones and to be honest, they did'nt make much difference. Some will get rid of unwanted files etc but by and large, none of them improved performance or speed. Is there any way of finding out which ones really are the best?

  Chris-347369 12:12 23 Jan 2007

A lot of people on the forum use CCleaner available from click here

I use it and it's never given me any trouble. If you use them often you won't see any performance gains but if you use it on a really clogged up computer the gain is massive

  johndrew 12:25 23 Jan 2007

Totally agree with Pyroxide.

I fyou want something different try CleanUp click here or Registry Mechanic - V.5 is free but I can`t find it at the moment.

  Scottiedogg 12:51 23 Jan 2007

Here's Registry Mechanic - click here

  chub_tor 13:38 23 Jan 2007

I've used RegscrubXP click here for years and I still think it's the best. Not so aggressive as some.

  stylehurst 14:14 23 Jan 2007

In addition to CCleaner or RegscrubXP, Advanced Windows Care, also free, is worth considering.
The best results usually arise when two of the above, are used together.

  SANTOS7 18:07 23 Jan 2007

click here
they don't come much better than this, best bit of software iv'e bought for a long time..

  iscanut 18:33 23 Jan 2007

I agree with Santos7, Reg Mech 6 is good and I use nothing else.

  johndrew 19:44 23 Jan 2007


  stevelincsuk 00:18 24 Jan 2007

Before you play with reg cleaners I would advise that you back up the registry first a precaution, this can be done with a tool called ERUNT which is free and is avialable from -> click here

  carryduff 11:18 24 Jan 2007

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions,I'll try a few of them and see which suits best.

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