registry cleaner free

  Bike-it 19:32 26 Apr 2008

My laptop keeps freezing and after reading several posts on here tell you that cleaning the system registry will help.
Are there any free registry cleaning programmes that will clean all the objects that it finds.

  rossgolf 19:35 26 Apr 2008

click here
your in luck..the pro version of this highly recommended program is free today

  wee eddie 19:42 26 Apr 2008
  rdave13 19:43 26 Apr 2008

Also Ccleaner has an adequate reg cleaner amongst other cleaning utilities; click here .
Don't know if it will cure the freezing though. Any blocked vents? Download everesthome; click here and check your temperatures. Although support is withdrawn for this program it's still one of the best in my opinion and works in Visa.

  big bloke66 19:43 26 Apr 2008

this the one i here
Never had a problem with it.

  big bloke66 19:45 26 Apr 2008

Great minds think alike !.

  Bike-it 21:01 26 Apr 2008

Tried the programme that rossgolf suggested it found a lot of problems some were able to be fixed safely some were risky to fix so i left these, but the laptop is still freezing.
Any other help please.

  rdave13 21:03 26 Apr 2008

Your temperature scan?

  GaT7 21:15 26 Apr 2008

Is the freezing taking place ONLY when you run a certain program(s)?

If yes, that program(s) could be causing the problem. Uninstall & reinstall it/them.

If no, & it started happening fairly recently try a System Restore (SR) to a point when it was fine.

If SR doesn't work/not an option & you have the Windows disk, try a repair installation click here or click here.

The problem could also be caused due to overheating as rdave13 suggests. Is the freezing happening after a short/extended period? G

  Bike-it 21:25 26 Apr 2008

i cannot find the free programme to check for the temperature.
The laptop freezes even whenever you are browsing the net with no other programmes running.

  sinbads 21:39 26 Apr 2008

try this click here

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