Registry Cleaner from FastClick

  pppc 23:02 23 Feb 2006

I have a pop up from click here ("courtesy of Software") suggest I download and run 'Registry Cleaner'. Am I right in assuming that this would be unwise????


  remind 23:08 23 Feb 2006

Yes ignore it. There are plenty of free Registry and system cleaners around,the one mentioned will probably scan, find a number of problems (which may or may not exist) and ask for some £ before fixing any of them. CCleaner here click here RegScrubXP here click here

  terryf 09:51 24 Feb 2006

One of the problems with registry cleaners is that sometimes they give a bewildering list of items that is suggested should be changed/deleted. My advice is the old chestnut 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'

  jimv7 11:22 24 Feb 2006

Try regscrubxp from click here

it also makes a backup of any entries it deletes.

also ccleaner from click here

both are safe to run.

  rmcqua 11:28 24 Feb 2006

I've cleaned hundreds of regisitries using various free and paid for utilities. Never had any significant problems caused by it. Very often find that it improves performance significantly. Always do a system restore checkpoint first.
ccleaner, as jimv7 mentions, does a good job.

  pppc 11:40 24 Feb 2006

Many thanks to all who replied - especially to 'reminder'who was first. I downloaded regscrubx and have run it apparently successfully.



  1936 17:59 13 Apr 2006

Iv'e tried a couple of the so called free cleaners and they found the obligatory 400 or so problems which was great untill I clicked the fix box then they held their hand out for some money.
Are there any really free cleaners?

  remind 18:02 13 Apr 2006

the ones i linked to are free, there are others

  The Spires 18:16 13 Apr 2006

Reg Seeker click here is free & does a great job, & I've never had any issues after using it. You can also search the registry etc with it. In my experience esp when cleaning up relatives & friends? Pc's registry cleaners sort problems out rather than cause them.

  phono 18:21 13 Apr 2006

I have had to repair a few disasters where PC owners had used registry cleaners and followed the program's suggestions, they can be very useful but can also cause a lot of problems.

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